The Invisible Art


The rythm of the video

More than being a technic only, film editing is the art and practice of assembling visuals, sounds and writings to convey a story. The film editor needs to join creatively images and frames, dialogues, musics and sound effects, to build-up scenes, and finally join them all, telling a story, playing with pace, for catching and keeping the audience attention.
Give similar material to hundreds of editors and you will watch hundreds of different videos, if not thousands, including their own variations. This is how film editing became “the invisible art”, as it literally re-write the story. Everything before the editing room is a collection of material, and there is a journey to make, for producing a seamless compelling video.
Film editing is a critical component of a video, greatly impacting the story. Whether it stands as an “invisible art” the audience does not consciously understand, but feel, whether the editing becomes the strong aspect of the video taking the viewers to an emotional trip, editing represents one of the longest and most creative aspect of films.