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Telling a story through an interview is a straight forward way to speak to your audience, nevertheless, there is a series of aspects to consider prior switching on the camera, the mic and starting with questions. At Visual Suspect, we have a long time experience in doing interviews with company key persons, CEO of top 10 Hong Kong businesses, Michelin Chefs and international famous Artists. Therefore we will develop with you how to pass your message in an effective way.


The location where the interview takes place, gives information to the audience about the subject: doing an interview in a working place, in a studio with a neutral background, in a park, in the street, etc. the best place is the one closely related to the message you wish to pass to your audience.


Preparing the interview allows to anticipate how the interview will be lead: you may decide to have a series of questions to ask in a specific order or go with the flow of the conversation, having in mind the key fields you wish to speak about. If both ways are valuable, what matters is the message you wish to pass to your audience, and the format you wish the interview to fit in.

With our main background in documentaries, and having several award winners short films, we will help you through the entire process of the interview, making your video being original, supporting the message you wish to pass to your audience.

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