A storyboard is a vital tool, ensuring the client and production company are on the same page. It highlights, frame after frame, what the video will be.

Several tools are relevant for gaining an understanding of your project. At Visual Suspect, we make it easy and efficient to assist you. When a video has a script and a selection of actors, there is a good start, for everything to be under control. The plot, the script, the characters, the environment, are elements the creative director and the production team develop. The storyboard implements all of these.

The storyboard is the blueprint of the film, as it is a frame by frame visualization of the final video. Therefore it allows the client and the production company to have a glance at the entire film. Similarly, it will enable each one to picture the video mentally. Occasionally the storyboard stage seems to delay the filming. Nevertheless, it gains precious time at the next level, as it leaves space for being more efficient and creative.

Easier process

Sometimes it is challenging for people to visualize things mentally. Hence the storyboard exists. Because it shows the intended filmed images, it results in coordination clarity.

Accurate Communication

The storyboard is a precise way to communicate a story. Furthermore, it directly provides information about chosen angles of shooting, colors of scenes, aesthetic of sequences, etc.

Efficient Production & Post-Production

From the storyboard, there is a series of agreed scenes to shoot. Therefore the production and post-production stages are quicker, as everybody knows what to film and edit.

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