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It gives the core values of your business, its attitude together with its aesthetic. We work with clients big and small across a wide range of sectors such as Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Retailer, NGO, Art Gallery, Construction Company, etc. either by collaborating directly with them, either by passing through PR agency. From concept elaboration, till delivery of the final short film, we provide a full scope of services and considering each of our clients is different, we make sure to customized our services in relevant manner for you. Whether you are an international corporation or a boutique studio, with a big or small scale project, already with or not yet had experience with short film production, we approach every single client with similar dedication and commitment for making the journey of producing your corporate video, one of your great experience.

This corporate video will emphasize your global vision, your mission about your overall activity, and potentially will be the first contact with your future clients, guests, and partners. Now that video is a must, the corporate video is important. If you need the shooting all wrapped in one day in the studio or including footage from around the city, and why not from various nations around the world, we are here to make it happen. Travelling being one of our passion, we have original in-house footage from about 35 countries. Our team is up to date with the latest technologies, equipment, media trends and we are keen to prove ourselves in this industry because this is what you expect from a video production company; be sure that you will receive a tailor-made service because this is what you expect for your corporate video in Hong Kong.

Cinema Standard Filming

As an iconic and quality standard of Visual Suspect, we aim to put the light, filming direction, and filming skills, for our ultimate go of production film, that matches the quality standard of our client. Our assets are detailed stage by stage, along all the video production process, and are made to support the most advanced requirements. From the direction of photography, light techniques, complex camera movements along with minimal and strong framing, Visual Suspect video production of Hong Kong is made for this.

2D, 3D or Infographics Graphics

Often is a requirement for visualizing numbers or complex ideas that shooting is not enough. We produce advanced graphics made out of flat visual, particle simulation, or 3D polygons, but most importantly, we have put the effort to inter-grade into our story without having a different narrative or look and feel for the video. We able to support the videos by simplifying complex ideas to minimal infographics are having strong Visuals up to date with the current industry standards.

Awarded Creative Direction

We aim to have a creative spark for each of our video, allowing our client to stand out of today’s marketing trend. We produce films that people want to see, movies telling in a short amount of time the brand story while, catching the audience’s attention. All the above corroborated by our side films, multi-awarded in international festivals.

Global video production integration

Our Video production services provide a seamlessly integrated copywriting process, during all the stages of the making of the video, from storyboard to finalizing the film. This process allows us to have a Copy to support the filming Direction and at the same time, support the material of filming. The copy adjusts along the way to the needs of the video.

Visual Suspect Quality Assurance

With a core mission, our every new video production to be better than our last one and creating films. We aim to push the boundaries of the video production industry further.


When we work with Copywriters, we are looking for words putting on screen integrity, speaking with an original way to speakers, while having a proper fit with the concept. Our copy is made of storytelling values, with a strong opening, middle, and ending. In short, we care to have a strong narrative for our films, supporting our client and the concept.

Have a look at the example of our work, working in endless lines of production, directing big groups of the factory employees, to perform for the corporate video.

Visual Suspect filming crew traveled in the Singapore port and massive shipyard in South Korea to film the two new vessels of Cardiff TMS.

Reference of job, working in spaces and properties in different countries for producing the corporate video of Swire Properties, a company with the headquarters in Hong Kong.

Have to look at our experience in making corporate video for hospitality group in Shanghai.

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