Voice Over Services

Although having a voice over for the narration of a video sounds simple, it actually requires experience for selecting the relevant one, and at Visual Suspect, we are here to assist you in this process, by proposing series of variations, keeping in view, to make it a strong supportive element of the film.

When producing a movie, the target audience represents an important component defining many elements of a movie, including voice over: which language will be used? Which accent is preferable? How the tone is intended to produce certain impact? Which level of speech are we looking for? Professional Voice Artists are trained to perform through their voice in specific manners, according to artistic direction, for influencing your audience.

Till today, we have been working with native speakers of extensive quantity of countries, such as France, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Chile, Canada and US to mention just a few. This allows us to better understand the various culture, refining our skills for guiding you more efficiently. Furthermore the selection and artistic direction of a Voice Over artist, we are able to provide you recording, editing and mastering of any sound, providing a complete service for your video

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