The unconventional inception of the company takes place in 2014, away from the expected grounds with the beginning of operations through a long travel across 4 continents. Getting inspired by the various cultures, working on small scale commercials and interviewing people along the way for a feature documentary, were the first steps.

The only goal was about creating films people love to watch.


The production house is specialized in cinematic commercials, corporate videos, and original viral films. With clients spread across up to 17 countries and the operation core in Hong Kong, Visual Suspect works with high-end customers, mainly in HK and the Asia Pacific. In parallel, noncommercial side projects go viral on the internet with half a million plays, nominated and awarded in international film festivals, while techniques of filming are featured in crucial video and photography industry websites and magazines.

Sizes of Production

With a modular production system, several awarded short films are made by Yiannis and his assistants only, while the team can scale up to about 25 people, and more if necessary, for producing cinematic commercials. In short: with swift adjustment, the aim is to be great rather than big.

Filming Technology

Hats and rabbits are composed of robotic vehicles, high-end drones, cinematic standard cameras recording in 4 to 8K, 360 virtual reality 3D cameras filming in 8K, as a base. During post-production, advanced colour grading techniques shape colours of films, together with tracking techniques to add or remove objects in motion pictures. Filming in formats allowing to get great amount of information during shootings, the finishing process has the power to retouch each single pixel shot.

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