Aerial Filming

Drone Filming Services in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific

Being familiar with aerial shooting for several years, our services at Visual Suspect include the following:

Pre-site Assessment and Scooting

Prior each drone flight for shooting, Visual Suspect team will go on location and consider all possible filming scenarios, taking into account site specificities. This stage of the production is vital for safety, final aesthetics and efficient organisation on the shooting day. 

On-site assessment, safety checklist

Once on site for shooting, our drone pilot and assistant will ensure the shooting will go safely and as planed, by considering all mandatory information and pre-flight checklists, according to Visual Suspect Flight Operation Manual.  

Filming up to 5.2K Resolution

The footage will be recorded in high resolution, ensuring to the post-production team to have full power for adjustments director and client will request. This level of resolution also provide wide flexibility for advanced colour grading process, a high end final polish for the films.

At Visual Suspect, we comply with Hong Kong UAV regulations for commercial operations.
We operate each aerial filming with certified UAV pilot and relevant permit from the Civil Aviation Department. 

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