Colour Grading

Advanced colour grading service for your film.

Colour grading may be the last step of movie production, nevertheless, it is one of the most crucial element, as it directly impacts atmosphere and emotions.

While having in mind to produce a video, shooting is often what comes first in the conversation, nevertheless Colour Grading also represents a substantial component during the realisation of a film and at Visual Suspect, we are confident to deliver memorable material, thank you to our team for their skills and experience in Advanced Colour Grading.
Advanced Colour Grading is a technique applying to various attributes of visuals: including colours, contrast, saturation, black and white levels. Ideally, this aspect of the movie will be discussed and elaborated from the early stage of producing a video, even if the actual application will happen during post-production.
The result will ultimately leave a feeling, an atmosphere in the audience’s mind after people watched a video. The premium image quality is achieved by the colorist while matching all different components in a final grading treatment.

Dark Tones vs. Light Tones

Colours have the potential to directly influence the viewer’s mood; a dark or black and white visual will have a very different impact, compare with a bright and full of intense colours image. Generally to produce a scene with mystery atmosphere, dark tones will be used, while bright and multicolours tones will expressed joy and happiness.

Relevant Colour Grading According to Media Publication

Proceeding to Advanced Colour Grading, we consider the final medium, where the movie will be played – For example, TV and Web streaming needs different frequencies and treatments for achieving the relevant colours result.

Contemporary Colour Approach

Based on colour wheel defining primary, secondary and tertiary colours, we develop strong combinations, choosing to follow or take distance with colour trends, to enhance the meaning and purpose of each film we make.

RAW Format

During the production, we shoot in RAW format, as it provides a wide range of possibilities to the colour grading process. RAW files is like “open” files, meaning it gives the power to control anything including colours, during the post-production. Doing so, we have the ability to change colours and tones, giving the final movie the desired atmosphere and feelings.

At Visual Suspect we use Advanced Colour Grading for producing impactful and memorable films

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