Script Writing

Before every video comes to life, at Visual Suspect we start with a script and we take you on board of this journey when making it, ensuring we are all aligned for producing your video. The script is the document highlighting all elements prior starting shooting; it includes visual, audio, dialogue, behaviour descriptions. The goal is to clarify who is doing what, how and when for the entire team involved.

Knowing the Story

It is the very first step. Once we know your goal, we develop original ideas to a story and make it works for the audience. We will use various tools aligned with the style, such as emotion, tone, eye catching visuals, intensity with or without characters… Our ultimate goal is to connect your audience to the video, through emotions, high standards visuals and authentic concept.

Writing the Plot

For writing the script, we outline the story in a basic narrative flow, with a beginning, a development and an end. Then we go deeper into details, adding sequences, scenes and dialogues. Once we have it, we revise it as many time as necessary, cutting what is too long, adding material to something too short, till we reach a solid base for starting the shooting.

The Right Size

Each type of short film refers to series of standards, nevertheless coming to the size of the script, the relevant length is the one defining information developed, understood and agreed by the production company and the client. Whether it is a historical summary, a product promotion, a CEO interview, or other, it is all about the communication between you and us for the good of your video.

Apart from the chosen style to tell a story, the script gathers series of information the client and the production house share, elaborate and refine for being perfectly aligned. Somehow the script is a multitool which, when is properly used, is the foundation for producing interesting videos. Deeper for us, script writing means story and emotion conception.

And then what happened?

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