Corporate Video Production for CCELL

We have been commissioned by CCELL, the international leader in vaporizing devices, to produce their corporate video with the intent to stand out of the usual marketing noise. While the company is based in Shenzhen, China, its primary market mainly stands in the United States, and the video has been produced on the occasion of one of their major events, taking place in Las Vegas. We had team work-collaboration with the client crew, to create a short film that matches the high-quality standards of their products.

Direction of Photography

In this film, the photography plays a critical role, as we intended to have technical blue tonalities, together with emphasizing the spaces having futurist elements. In this way, our Visual Suspect team worked extensively on lighting before each shot to create atmospheric spaces. Additionally, while the blue tonalities are dominant in this film, warm colors for the office and golden glow of the production areas are equally important.

Macro Shots

While this video production assignment was about to shoot big factory spaces, macro shooting was equally important, as this short film is about emphasizing our client’s standard of quality, paying great attention to every single little piece. Furthermore, these macro shots, the product filming has been made out of camera movements, and colored led lighting, exposing every detail of our client’s product, in full screen.

Film Direction

We wanted to create a technological/futurist environment, by having the camera synchronized, moving together with people and machinery. The goal was to demonstrate the factory working, like a well-orchestrated place, showcasing on-screen the quality of their production. Camera, lights, along with filming direction, were critical elements for this Visual Suspect production.

Full-Scale Video Production

During the pre-production stage, we established close coordination with our client about every single detail of this video production. Camera movements, color tones, scene transition, music style, voice over tone and accent, etc. until the very last detail of the video. Our filming crew traveled from Hong Kong, with a substantial range of equipment to shoot their factory, office, meeting area, and R&D lab. Every one of our corporate video production team was ready, while each small piece of the filming equipment has been tested before the departure of Hong Kong, to ensure the performance and quality outcome during the upcoming shooting days.


The camera and editing components stand from the macro to super-wide shots, allowing the viewers to have a global glimpse of CCELL operations. This technique enabled us to feature different environments of the factory in one video scene – the camera passes, in a few seconds only, from the factory to the warehouse, and finally the headquarter. An eye-candy for viewers’ attention, while at the same time, it sets the tone for the rest of the video.

Music and Voiceover

We looked for music with various moments, having catching start, several gradations in the development, and majestic end. Moreover, we worked with a voice over artist to speak with confidence tone, inspiring trust in the company, performing with the right intonations. We also developed copywriting to express a series of facts, establishing the leading position of our client in its industry.

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