Concept Development

At Visual Suspect, every video starts by carefully listening to you, to develop a relevant and original concept. Our priority is to understand your needs, wishes and goals. We are here to produce short films with long-lasting impact, and we base our creativity on:


We develop concepts simple to understand, and in doing so, make them easy to remember for your audience. With simplicity, we think minimalism – while we explore a series of ideas, we keep only the memorable ones.

Strong Visuals

Having powerful images is a key element, as we believe a large amount of communication is through visuals. They also represent an important tool to leave a strong memory with the desired, associated feeling in your audience, in the minimum amount of time.

Modern aesthetic

We are confident that having a modern aesthetic will underline the up-to-date aspect of your company, giving depth to the strong visuals. The stylish approach of the film unconsciously connects the audience to your activity.

Straightforward communication

To make your message last in your audience’s memory, it needs to be clear and straightforward. Therefore, we make sure to define the function of your video to maximise its effect.

An interesting concept drives our production, making each film unique and tailor-made, with high quality, efficient performance, and always within budget. A compelling concept is the one blending production elements in a straightforward video, which people can enjoy watching several times.  While developing a concept, we ask ourselves if we bring something original, and this is our North.

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