ICBC Private Bank

Our Production for the Corporate Video of ICBC (Asia) Private Bank

ICBC (Asia) Private Bank is considered one of the top bank in Hong Kong and China. They provide support to people in their daily and long term banking operations.

We have been commissioned by their marketing team, to produce their latest corporate video. After going through the pre-production stage with concept development, storyboard elaboration and script refinement, we pined a couple of days filming at their headquarter in Hong Kong. Then we use a mix of original footage and stock footage, to tell the story of their core vision and mission.

End-to-end VIDEO PRODUCTION for the ICBC Bank

Property Tower

The video being a major corporate short film for ICBC Private Bank, part of the shooting focus on the main tower of our client. Our Film Director, together with shooting crew, filmed series of shots, including several vertical interior visuals of the building, giving an idea of the bank size and situation to their audience.

Corporate Meeting Scene

Filming real employees of the bank includes several challenges. Here we wanted to have people, feeling comfortable in front of the camera, even if acting is not their job. Once we needed to shoot the corporate video, we wanted their team to look professional, while at the same time, having a familiar and positive atmosphere. This scene taking place in the meeting room, was one of the most challenging to shoot, considering we had several people to convince the audience, in one frame.
video opening is all about artists connection with light and her inspiration for making the artwork.

Control Room Scene

Part of the shooting took place at the central control room, in ICBC Hong Kong. This sequence of the video emphasizes the team expertise working with numbers. While the camera is rotating around the trader, the main focus is up to the people, then we see the monitor, together with numbers and statics, in the background.


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