Branding Video for an inspiring US company

We have been commissioned by the US company Medelita, to produce a branding film, about their lab coats. The film has been shot at the factory in China, and in Hong Kong.
During several days of filming and post-production, our video became a communication primary support of Medelita, for private presentations, web and major events of the brand.
The main goal of the video was to create a visual experience to the audience, while making crystal clear the high end design and quality.

Behind the Scenes

Medelita is the world’s most stylish Medical coat – for our eyes. From the initial communication with the client, we were impressed by the quality and design of the lab coats. The quality of the material was more than the expectation someone can have for a medical outfit. Medelita is a US-based company selling its products all over the world. From the start of our collaboration, production design, and scripting of the film, we felt we were working for a brand that expects an original movie.

Filming and Editing

The film is made out of close-up shots. What was mattering was the emotion, to connect with the audience. Movements and sounds are the main characters of the film.
The editing runs in a parallel action between the details of the product about the material and finished, and architectural design of high-rise buildings, together with interior design of some of the most well done restaurants of HK.

Super Marco Details

In other words, now I see. in 4K wide full screen, every detail takes an extra dimension of visibility, for the final audience. The shooting process includes motorized movements. The production team has the opportunity to create subtle movements, at such a level of close-up and details. The fabric looks beautifully made, while light and camera movements, at this scale, work in the name and reputation of the brand, for creating quality products.

Hyper-lapses and Lab-coat

To have this type of filming technique for medical branding video, is at least unexpected. The two teams, Medelita and Visual Suspect, worked together to create a video reflecting the originality of the company. Hyper-lapses helped to add a layer of modernity to the film. We know we work for something great, when a few seconds of the final video has hours of work behind.

Look and Feel of the film.

In simple words, an unexpected balance between tradition and modernity. We place side by side the high-rise building architecture, along with the macro details of the fabric. The film gives focus on the look and feel of the product,rather than on the product itself. One of the main goals of the client and the production team, was to allow the audience to have empathy with the brand, while staying away of the traditional selling techniques.

TA-KE Restaurant

During the early stages of the project, we were looking for a bamboo design. After a quick research, we were astonished by the details we could have at TA-KE restaurant. We got in touch with the branding team of the place, and they were happy to welcome Visual Suspect team, to film details of the space, early in the morning. This place gave organic shots, reflecting Asia and a balanced life.


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