Cinematic Filming

Cinema standard filming in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific

More than just being related to a type of camera, Cinematic Filming refers to a global style. It includes film recording quality, lighting type, camera movement, color grading, among others. Therefore every single detail counts. This is how to bring a simple video to a cinematic level.


A powerful image is not about what we kept in the frame, but what we kept out of it. Consequently framing tells a story in itself. This is why we aim to shoot simple and meaningful frames. This is our asset.

RAW Footage

We can shoot in RAW format. It provides the maximum flexibility to post-production on the footage. Whether it is to work on advanced color grading or dynamic range.

Colour grade

Color grade has a substantial impact on film perception by the audience. If colors are set at a low level, the video looks ‘flat’, lacking in hue and contrast. On the other hand, when colors are overdone, the video becomes visually aggressive, lacking balanced shades. Hence combined with compelling lighting, color grade convincingly contributes to the atmosphere of a scene. And when it is nicely done, viewers don’t notice it.

Camera Movement

Camera movements are the storytellers of the film industry. Additionally, it is one of the essential aspects when producing a cinematic movie. While there is no rule about what is good or bad, we carefully use the most relevant one supporting the story, caring for what we want the audience to feel.


Impressive lighting has the power to elevate a shot to fascinating levels. With our equipment, we can light anything from close-up shots on people or objects to general frames, up to about 1000 sqft. We use LED temperature controlled lights.

Bringing a video to life is about telling a story while catching the audience’s attention.
Although there is no exact formula to define a film as “cinematic” officially, this word stands for producing a film with high technical standards, along with a strong and balanced emotional connection.

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