The Subtle Power

Cinematic filming

Our Shooting Style

Further than being related to a type of camera, Cinematic Filming refers to a global style, including film record quality, chosen lighting type, camera movement, colour grading… every single details counts and will bring a simple video to a cinematic level.
At Visual Suspect, we think it is a perfect balance between the technical craft of a film and its narrative.


Powerful image is not about what is kept in the frame, but what is kept out of it. Framing tells story in itself. This is why we aim to shoot simple and strong frames – this is our asset.

Colour grade

Colour grade has strong impact on film perception by the audience. If colours are set in low level, the video will look ‘flat’, lacking of hue and contrast. On other hand, when colours are overdone, video will become visually aggressive, lacking balanced shades. Combine with compelling lighting, colour grade convincingly participates to the atmosphere of a scene and when nicely done, viewers don’t notice it.

RAW Footage

We have the possibility to shoot in RAW format, providing the maximum flexibility to post-production work on footage, whether it is for advanced colour grade or dynamic range.


Interesting lighting has the power to elevate a shot to fascinating level, when developped and established with relevant manner. With our equipment, we are able to light from close-up shots on people or object, to general frames up to about 1000 sqf, using LED temperature controlled lights.

Camera Movement

Camera movements are the story tellers of the film industry and definitely one of the most important aspects, when producing a cinematic movie. While there is no rule about what is good or bad, we carefully use the one supporting the story and its dynamic, we want the audience to feel.

Bringing a video to life is about telling a story while catching audience’s attention.
Although there is no exact formula to announce officially a film as “cinematic”, this word stands for producing a film with high technical standards, along with a strong and balanced emotional connection.