Dream Cruise

Branding film for Dream Cruise produced in Hong Kong, Vietnam & Philippines

Dream Cruises redefines vacation travel on sea, featuring the luxury of authentic Asian hospitality, bringing together the finest experiences from around the world.

We have been taken on board one of their massive ships, travelling till Halong Bay in Vietnam et Boracay in Phillippines, to produce their branding visuals, photographs and videos, for their new international marketing campaign.

Continuously shooting with cinema standard filming equipment and an extended production team, from talents till photographer and everybody in between, we produced series of still images and videos, celebrating their welcoming comfort along dramatic sea-side from sunrise to sunset.

End-to-end VIDEO PRODUCTION for the Dream Cruise

Cinematic Storytelling

Visual Suspect Creative Director and team had the chance to visit the vessel, for scooting prior staring the production. We documented all the possible locations, where shooting could take place – Photographs of the site visit represented a significant element of pre-production and shooting list.
We chose iconic vessel locations for our shooting. With the first glance, you will see the vessel with low angle camera movement, vertical aerial frame, an elegant restaurant made out like a movie scene, a woman performing some dance steps along the swimming pool on the deck, to mention just a few.
The entire filming happened out of Hong Kong, with location in China, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Aerial Shots

We used drone to support the story of the branding video, producing eye catching images, with frames more advanced than the classic grand general visuals. Low angle camera frame with movement, grand view with kids running on the deck promenade of the cruise ship, woman dancing at the luxury swimming pool, and couple having fun practicing extreme sport at the edge of the vessel – These shots were carefully designed from the storyboard, until shooting on locations.
Styling of Talents, including Wardrobe, Makeup and Hairstyle
With eight talents on set, we elaborated series of styles for each of them, prior being on board of the cruise ship, for the shooting. From young kids until senior talents, casual to sophisticated outfits, thanks to our Stylists, Makeup artists and Hairdressers for their creativity and organisation, while pampering each talents prior to come on stage.

Advanced Color Grade

Color Grade is an essential post-production process, enhancing or solving shooting challenges. While our filming crew has been on location during two weeks for scooting, weather and lighting conditions represent elements in constant change. We managed to turn cloudy weather sky into sunny cruising day, and to merge different camera footages having various standards in their RAW materials. From creative point of view, our primary color pallet has been made with intense turquoise for the sky, natural skin tone, and vibrant red.

Ending Scene

One of the challenge of the last scene was to connect all the short stories of the various characters into one final series of visuals. We made it taking advantage of grand general view of the vessel, where we see kids entering in our frame using the drone following them running on the deck, then close-up on family hug, prior the drone started to move backward allowing us to see the vessel and all the main characters of the film, in one frame.

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