Dining Scene

Videos for Michelin Star Restaurants in Hong Kong

If having video on your website became the most relevant way to communicate with your customers, it is more than an evidence when it comes to the dining scene and at Visual Suspect, we have the experience not only to produce a series of different videos related to your activity but also to understand the unique relationship people have with food.
Whether you wish to share recipes of your restaurant, talk of your chef or manager, views about your dining place highlighting its design and comfort, or having destination video shown on your interior screen, we have the knowledge for producing relevant short films aligned with your trend, from scratch to the very end.
Shooting dishes, architectural details, the atmosphere of a place, speech of a key member of your company, we have the expertise to guide you and your team, during the pre-production and while we shoot, for recording memorable images you will be proud to share with your customers.
We extensively produced videos for the hospitality industry and dining scene of Hong Kong together with other countries – Our portfolio includes Michelin Stars chefs from China, Hong Kong, and France, to mention just a few. 

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