Swire Properties

Corporate Video for Swire Properties in Hong Kong, China, Miami USA

Being named the top company and real estate developer, in the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index, owner and operator of mixed-use, principally commercial realties, Swire Properties has been founded, and still has its headquarter, in Hong Kong.
Filming their major properties in three different countries, in Hong Kong, in several cities of Mainland China and in US, Visual Suspect has been commissioned for creating their corporate video, from the production till the film direction. 
Putting on screen their core values of integrity, originality, long-term focus and quality, we made two edited versions, using a vast majority of our original footage; one for single screen and another one specially tailor-made for a multiple screens set-up, reaching the resolution of 20k. 

End-to-end VIDEO PRODUCTION for the Swire Properties


One of the most iconic part of the film, stands in the long hyperlapse along Hong Kong harbor. This type of visuals requires a substantial time of pre-production design, filming, together with post-production. Often, several seconds in the final video, require days of post-production for processing stabilization, object removal, and advanced color grading technique.
Cinematic Filming
We shot the film in 3 different countries: Hong Kong, Mainland China and USA, where are located the majority of our client’s portfolio properties. While we dealt with different spaces and light environments, it was important for the team to produce a film with common lighting conditions and colors, all along.
Though the majority of the video has been filmed during the day, several iconic frames have been shot during the evening, at the night garden with plenty of lanterns, in Chengdu, for example.
Our goal was to have a corporate video, made of visual narrative, along with voice over, to build the essential connection with the audience.

Advance Object Removal

For this video, the unsuspected had to work on our side, but it didn’t every time. Many days of pre-production and shooting schedule took place, for being able to shot all the locations, in the best planned manners. While all the parties on our client-side were informed of the shooting taking place, to have most of things ready in advanced in terms of a spaces, people and accessories, there were still sometimes, unwanted features in our frame, and these had to be removed. The Advanced Object Removal process is a post-production technique, which requires specific workload – The result supporting the film at its best.

Swire Properties

Long-Form Timelapses from Vantage Location Points
Prior we started filming, we spent a significant amount of time, to identify the quality vantage points. This allowed us to have grand generals shots, about our client’s portfolio properties.
Often, the filming was starting from 4:00am, to have time-lapse process, until the end of the day. We looked for premium shots, to reveal the high aesthetics of towers and landscape design. More specifically, we searched for magic colors and moments. The above slide of images, is a selection of Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Miami US filming.

Music Selection

Our Creative Director and team were passionate to source a soundtrack for this film, that is impactful and in the same time, which stands in the corporate spectrum. Premium and impactful music, for us at Visual Suspect, means to create an emotional connection with the audience, while being away from the expected corporate music.
Music leads everything in a film, unifying voice over and visuals, in one masterpiece.


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