Our Cutting Edge Technology

*Photograph from Visual Suspect filming
Nowadays our creators are able to capture the moment with wide range of professional tools and at Visual Suspect, we take care of always having the latest and most advanced equipment of video industry.

Zip-Line Camera

This recent shooting feature allows filming crew to capture unique angle, with cinematic style. It produces aerial footage with stable continuous motion, shooting where drone may not be appropriate, such as indoor area with low level of lighting, in forest or other landscape with plenty of random vertical elements, in sport activity allowing to follow an action with constancy.

Cinematic Standard Filming

We record our footage in RAW format, from 4K and 8K, up to 12K resolution, having the best possible dynamic range and colour information.

360° & 3D Framing with up to 12K Resolution

Where appropriate, we simultaneously shoot in 360° and 3D. This combination provides a wide range of possibilities for producing original videos, and filming furthermore in 12K resolution, gives the best available quality, for making the post-production powerful.

Best Industry Heavy Lift Gimbal

We own one of the best gimbals, allowing us to mount a heavy camera on it, ensuring the smoothest shots, including under challenging occasions.

Remote Control Cars

With a camera mounted on a remote control car, we capture images from places where a regular camera normally could not go. Furthermore, remote-controlled cars perform advanced and complex movements, producing unusual visuals. 

Aerial Filming in 5.2K Resolution with Shooting in RAW Format

In the house, we have one of the latest and most advanced drones nowadays. Filming in up to 5.2K resolution and RAW format, gives to our visuals a wide dynamic range, providing great flexibility for colour grading.

At Visual Suspect we invest in future technologies, simply because we believe in evolution.
Doing so, we relentlessly keep our shootings with up-to-date equipment, making more space to our team for being creative. 


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