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Visual Suspect has been commissioned to produce the film for Cyberport, the hub for tech businesses in Hong Kong. The film aims to showcase the organization’s vision, missions, and values, illustrating its operations and support to the Hong Kong tech businesses. This video production is end-to-end, with a full scope of services, from the project’s initial research, the first storyboard sketch, to the polishing of each frame. This long-form content aims to give a bird’s eye view of all the services supported by Cyberport. This video was a primary corporate tool for the Hong Kong incubator.


Along with the video production of the corporate film, we developed a global communication campaign with a branding strategy. The team’s responsibilities were about creating memorable visual communication, supported by eye-catchy visuals while passing the critical messages of Cyberport.


An essential task of the creative team was to reveal the innovation behind the main offices of Cyberport. Cyberpunk tonality was in place to showcase the future technologies that Cyberport is supporting. The filming took place after working hours; with a heavy lighting lift, the team gave a new dimension, a different feel to the Hong Kong incubator. Creating visual communication up to the standards of cutting-edge technologies of Cyberport and its startups. We used a wide range of techniques, from the traditional lighting techniques to fully well-planned shots in advance, to capture the key venues of Cyberport.



The film has been scripted and storyboarded, frame by frame and word by word allowing each team to have a global view of the upcoming production. It all started with research and understanding of the activities of Cyberport together with each startup involved in the shooting. Then we scripted the different scenes, connecting them, and elaborated the storyboard, visualizing each part of the storyline.



Before developing the film, the production and creative team studied the market locally and internationally. Visual Suspect started the pre-production by meeting with all startups based in Hong Kong. This approach allowed the production team to build custom-made stories matching the core vision of the startups while at the same time understanding the way Cyberport can support them.



The film ends with an aerial campus wide-angle shot, filmed during the magic hour when the sun is going down. It illustrates the organisation’s large footprint, nested in its natural surroundings. The scenes about startups feature some memorable shots, where FPV has been used to film very close to the Cyberport buildings and pass through some locations, providing dynamic and unusual angles.


The video’s opening scene is made with 3D graphics. We had to use the original Cyberport site and transform it into a futuristic place. It has been an intense process between Cyberport, our 3D graphic designer, and us to elaborate a believable scene that lasts for a handful of seconds only.


Further the conventional filming, we arranged a series of timelapses and hyperlapses, enhancing the beauty of natural light on architecture by filming the shadows and brightness. It also allows filming public spaces with people without individually featuring them, putting on-screen natural daily life visits.

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