Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics include series of techniques and renders using filming footage or graphic design animation, for retouching, enhancing, creating scenes. At Visual Suspect, we have experience in series of process for putting on screen enhanced visuals, making your video to be unique. Our services include:

2D Renders

Production style where a film is described as being “flat”, because in the representation of a scene, the depth is missing, meaning the visual is limited to horizontal and vertical dimensions.

3D Renders

One step deeper than the 2D render, this type of visuals production includes a third dimension: the depth. This type of images represents the latest world of technology and therefore it produces the most interesting result, whether it is for creating realistic atmosphere or animated movie.

Particle generation

Technique allowing to integrate additional elements into a shot scene, during post-production period, such as smoke, water, fog or other volume controlling the lighting of a sequence.


The art of articulating visuals in motion, during the post-production phase, made exclusively from static photographic material.

Object Replacement

Method of removing recorded objects in motion, during the post-production level of work, by placing something different at their locations.


Combination of several visual elements from different sources, creating a global composition for a single film – great and interesting process for making true original film.


The term ‘Infographics’ comes from a combination of two words: information with graphics, and thus, it is about expressing information by graphic design elements. The type of information may vary from data to knowledge, and the intention is about presenting a series of facts, in a minimum amount of time, and consequently easy to understand.

Camera Tracking

Post-production technique where an object in motion can be tracked, having the possibility to make it disappear, adding other elements or using said object for specific matters of colour grading.

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