Event Videos

Videos for high-end openings to city scale events coverage.

If your event takes months of preparation in view of this important moment, our mission, at Visual Suspect, is to capture its energy to produce feelings and connections to the audience watching the film. We cover city scale events with a storytelling approach. Our cutting-edge technology through drone, remote control camera, 360°, and 3D cameras, ensures cinematic filming, the highest quality result, together with our on-site editing, make you will receive the fastest delivery. Furthermore, our award winning team will integrate your parameters and goals to a main conceptual idea for producing a memorable video, which your audience will feel connected with and be willing to share online immediately.

Multi-camera coverage

Often during a significant event, various activities happen in parallel, and one cameraman only may not be enough. Therefore we expand our crew and equipment to multi-cameras, as many as it is required to shoot every crucial moment of your city-scale event. Having more cameras means securing more footage, which produces more possibilities at the editing stage.

Onsite Interview

When an interview on the event location is required, we come with our high standard equipment, dedicated to recording face to face conversation. Big soft-box lightings, along with clip-mic and boom for the sound record, together with a teleprompter and a multi-camera setup, potentially using a slider, we have the right equipment and experience to support you.

Creative Treatment

While every event is different, having an additional layer of innovative and original treatment, will add an extra dimension, making your video memorable to the audience.

Creative elements, along with creative filming direction, will make the difference with other short films. This service includes unique shooting techniques, such as filming with a camera on a remote-controlled car, or zip-line.

Same day delivery

We produce deliverables, that can be used for projection onsite as a highlight video, or on social media, on the same day we shoot it! At Visual Suspect, we deliver on the same day, videos which, in other cases, could take several days of editing. We make it happen, by having a dedicated filming and post-production crew, at each stage, during the entire event video

Mockup videos

When there is a need to have a highlight video delivered on the last day of an event, it is essential to secure everyone is one the same page about graphics, scenes order, opening, and closing animations, along with the global structure of the video. At Visual suspect, we suggest to make a mockup video, to demonstrate what your final video will look like, and be ready on time to showcase it on a big screen on site.

Interview Transcript

Having a written text of recorded interviews may be helpful to your team to select relevant sound bites. In quite a short period, we, at Visual Suspect, are used to delivering, all interview transcription, on any media, making it easy for you to read, select, and share.


We offer short edits, made out of stock footage or of the previous event, together with motion graphics, to promote your upcoming event. These teasers represent a perfect tool for social media communication, and email hosted videos.

Onsite Editing

We propose onsite editing, enhancing fast and efficient turnaround, shortening the timeframe to deliver your video, for you to present it, at the earliest, to your audience. It also allows your team to follow the editing process all along, until the final cut.

Real-time Camera Monitoring

Setting up a control room on the event location may be relevant for your team, to monitor real-time, each camera recording. This strategy allows your team to give direction to the filming crew, to adjust the shooting, and to secure other shots.

Live Streaming

Whether it is about having conventional video or 360 technologies live streaming, these will be powered by Visual Suspect. 360 video in 8K resolution, or video in multi-social live streaming, we can set up, demonstrate, and help your team to operate these technologies.

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