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From high-end openings, to city scale events coverage.

If your event takes months of preparation in view of this important moment, our mission, at Visual Suspect, is to capture its energy to produce feelings and connections to the audience watching the film. We cover city scale events with storytelling approach. Our cutting-edge technology through drone, remote control camera, 360° and 3D cameras, ensures cinematic filming, the highest quality result, together with our on-site editing, make you will receive the fastest delivery. Furthermore our award winning team will integrate your parameters and goals to a main conceptual idea for producing a memorable video, which your audience will feel connected with and be willing to share online immediately.

Video References

Event videos | Hong Kong produced

Outstanding catering possibilities

Space by three

Located on the ground floor of an iconic landmark in Shanghai, Space by Three offers multifunctional venue for tailored receptions.

Global Conference

Henley and Partners

Being the global leader in residence and citizenship planning, Henley and Partners regularly organizes the world’s largest and most significant investment migration event, taking place in diverse key cities around the world.

HK's prestigious event

HK Jockey Club Gala

These two major and prestigious institutions organised a joint venture Gala Party taking place at Kai Tak, the latest cutting-edge design ferry terminal of Hong Kong. The goal of the production was to produce a short film putting on screen the multiple performances and augmented reality installations.

Hunders of Galleries

Art Central

One of the major fair for art lovers, Art Central showcases over 100 contemporary galleries alongside a dynamic program, that includes ambitious installations, engaging panel discussions, experimental films as well as Hong Kong’s hottest restaurants.

World's famous artist

Botero in Hong Kong

Fernando Botero is a Colombian artist, considered by many as one of the most preeminent living artist in the world. Exhibited in many places around the world, nine of his massive sculptures have been presented to the public on Hong Kong Central waterfront.

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