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The Ultimate Guide

Working With a Video Production Company

Often there are moments when you want to explain all the essential features of a product, or even more deeply, the core values of your company. Well, this should be done in clear manners, and in a powerful message, to stand out of the noise. If you do not address this challenge, the tumult out there will be an obstacle to your business success.
"Best and top statements are not enough anymore. What you are looking for are Transparency and Excellence. "

Yiannis Biliris


Until yesterday, this type of advertising was only accessible to medium or big enterprises, while smaller businesses were left with expensive and low-quality productions. Then two revolutions were meant to happen: video industry and internet.

Back to 2012, when the DSLR camera Canon D5 came to public, it created a new era of possibilities. As it firstly democratized the medium, having access to produce video was not anymore about having the technology.
Then the second element came out from 2010, when companies started to invest in online media, pushing to develop the bandwidth speed, to support video streaming, and HD resolutions.
Nowadays, we witness a profound transformation of the advertising industry. The strategy cannot be anymore about interrupting an audience, for several seconds, to throw them easy words such as, ‘We are great, top and the best, bind with us!’ The new era gained in quality, it is about giving free information, and working on a project which you believe in, and consequently, which people will support.  While there is no doubt, that with some research, you will find plenty of video production companies, the question remains: will any of them fulfill your expectations?

#1 Vision in Video

You could easily say: “I will find the right people, and that’s it” – well, the truth is slightly the other way around.
The creative team, who will work on your video, is inspired and informed about trends and technology. Nevertheless, the vision is, and has to be, yours, together with critical elements to communicate. It is because you know better than anyone else what you want to say, that the video company will help to make it true, find the story to support your vision, create eye-catching aesthetics.

#2 The Quest  for finding the Video Company

Best and Top

When you are on a website, or you encounter someone, and you are confronted with too many repeats of the word Best, be suspicious. Can you imagine Albert Einstein, Leonardo Davinci or DiCaprio to tell straight to people faces, they are the best?! Even if they believe it, they are smarter than this.

Big Client Logos

Where you see big logos of well known brands, on a website, the question is simple: did the company provide a key service to this big client, or did they shoot a minor event?
Key service relates to corporate or branding video of the company. If the company provided a minor work, but placed the famous logo on a major place, then there is kind of manipulation of the audience, and it is up to you to further investigate with this company or not.


Yes, I agree - it’s an overused word, nonetheless, you can still track it. If in video production, the word ‘experience’ is translated into years of experience, other important elements are the various countries where they have a filming history, the different industries they worked with, along with a diversity of clients. It may also be valuable to work with people having dramatically different background, as it can gives out of the box inputs.

Film Nominations

Finding a video production company with several nominations in international festivals for different films, is a good signal - check that they have several ‘Official Selection’ or ‘Award’, as having only one, is not strong enough to be considered as a positive signal - well, except it is Cannes festival!

Viral Videos

A viral video is a solid sign of an organic connection, between the video production agency and its audience. For browser like Google, which ranks information, a viral video represents a critical indicator of how much relevant a company is. The reason why is simple: the video is able to spread through the audience, by itself, without support, indicating it is valuable for the audience. In the past, viral videos were something similar to mouth to mouth advertising. This is great, free, and easy for the audience and video company to establish deep connection.

To find the team matching your aspirations, it is better you take time, avoiding to send plenty of emails, choosing quickly. Cost may be criteria of selection, hopefully, it is not the only one. To express it with simple words: the best company does not exist out there, nonetheless, there is the one which will work great for you!

Now, you just found your valuable video partner.  That great! But wait prior to sending the first email.  Great collaboration needs a good base for everything. Think about it, it will be the first contact with the people, who will help you with your upcoming video.

Some points you may tick on your list:

  •  In your first email, express the reason why you chose them.
  • Give a short brief about your company.
  • Write down a summary of your needs.
  • Ask for a meeting.
  • Avoid asking for the budget in the first email.

#3 Client and Video Company Working Together

Clear communication is an essential element, for having coordination smooth and efficient, fulfilling expectations on both sides. Therefore each side should be able to communicate their needs in simple manners, with transparency, for informing about potential challenges along the way. Here you will find all the tools you need, from storyboard to concepts.

Great Tools for Video Productions


At this stage of the collaboration with the video production company, you will be able to have a global view, on your upcoming video. Images are static on the storyboard, nonetheless, visuals give you an idea of what the visuals look like. Because it highlights, frame after frame, what the video will be, storyboard represents an essential tool, ensuring client and production company are on the same page.


Producing videos involves a series of milestones, stages, which are themselves related to sub-elements. Having a detailed timeline, from start to completion of the project, makes the entire team, from client and production sides, to have clarity of the workflow, until the video will become a reality.

Prop Lists

These are the various design elements, you will need on the filming day. It is valuable to coordinate early about it, as it has an aesthetic value. Design elements have a significant impact on the final video, on visual quality and mood.

Daily Call List - Shooting Schedule

This is again an organization tool, well good planning leaves more space for creativity! The shooting schedule can be detailed as a daily call list, with time slots about each shooting part, including the talents involved if any, the props needed, the location at preferred timing for light purposes, etc. This tool is essential to avoid last minute run, making sure everyone involved knows what to expect during the shooting.

Mood boards

Along with the storyboard, mood boards, whether they are developed by the client or the production company, constitute an additional element of video productions. There, you will find elements giving you an idea about the vibe, the aesthetic, the colors, and emotion in one glance.


Here lays the soul of the film, the core ideas behind each cut and scene. It is most probably one of the most important element, prior to the shooting starts. Make sure here, to be aligned with the video company, as it will orientate the shooting, the editing, the color grading, and all other elements to produce the video.

To find the team matching your aspirations, it is better you take time, avoiding to send plenty of emails, choosing quickly. Cost may be a criteria of selection, hopefully it is not the only one. To express it with simple words: the best company does not exist out there, nonetheless, there is the one which will work great for you!

#4 Filming to Post-Production


Here are the most intense and memorable days of the collaboration! They are also the days requiring the biggest amount of planing – according to the size of the production, every minute has a cost. With a valuable pre-production period of time, every shot should be promoted to its greatest level.  Giving feedback to the filmmaker during the filming is as important as giving freedom for the initiative. Saying what works, and what does not work, will ensure the alignment between all parties. Furthermore leaving shots to the director of photography and filmmaker, is also valuable as it means you take advantage of years of experience.

Post Production  

This is a crucial stage, where what has been done until there can be magnified. Assuming it went well, and you are now familiar and confident with the production company you are working with, then you can leave the work up to the experts, the video production company will take care the first cut of the film.

#5 First Cut – Giving Valuable Feedback.

Big day!

After working on stills, having a discussion about the film, today is The day for the very first play.
Here is another checklist to help you coordinate with the video production company:

Give an Overall Feedback

It is good to know if you like or dislike the video, and this kind of comments will need to be developed, to help us to make the video more aligned with your aspirations. Having your first overall feeling about your short film tells us if we are heading in the right direction.

Into Detail

It is now time to go really into details about your feedback, commenting about the place of a title, the size of a font, adjusting a color, replacing a shot, adjusting the editing rhythm of a scene, etc. It is common for a video agency to share the video through a platform where you can write your comments, directly on the chosen frame. This type of software makes the coordination easier between all parties, as comments can be tracked, and it acts as a checklist to the video company, ensuring everything has been addressed prior sharing the next version.

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