Art Central

Our video for Art Central in Hong Kong

With over 100 galleries in town for about a week, Art Central is one of the major fair for art lovers. From footage shot during few days, we produced this video telling the event story and its buzz.

Producer’s Note

There is one major week during the year, when Art Central takes place, showcasing to the people of HK the high end art pieces. From the first day of involvement in this project, we knew our only goal was to create an usual piece of video, about this week. Filming and post-production had to be aligned together closely, for being able to produce and deliver a video at the end of this city-scale event. Visual Suspect was fully on track from day 1 till completion of our mission, to deliver a memorable and high-end short film, for the good of the crowd, the organisers, the gallerists and the artists.

Our Mission

Our mission was to tell the story of this city scale event, in a way that will be truly original to the people, for them to remember it. Further the hours of shooting taking place all along the event, we paid great attention to the selected music track, as we thought to celebrate art, we needed a music slightly different than what we are used to hear, a melody which will grab the viewers attention, from the very beginning.

While we choose a linear approach from the installation till the visiting peak hours, we based the editing on the music pace to emphasise moments, by having various speed, such as slow motion, conventional pace, acceleration… making the audience to follow the atmosphere of the entire event.

Behind the Hyper-lapses

The final scene has been produced from series of hyper-lapses, and because of the timeframe, it had to happen during the operating hours of this city-scale event. The shooter performed during the opening hours of the event,  while all the corridors where full of people. It required hours of photography, carefully taken to focus on a maximum of art pieces, avoiding to disturb the crowd, the gallerists, and the artists. Luckily enough, this scene became a favourite moment of the audience!

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