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You want people to watch your ad? Make it as it is not an ad!

As videos is taking more space on great variety of supports (online, in the streets, transports, etc.) people are getting used to perceive in a glance when a brand is advertising and will most of the time just shorten the visual experience, by zapping as soon as they can, avoiding to feel the pressure of being push to buy.


How to make the difference?
Inspire, tell a story, share knowledge.



Don’t you like watching a short film, disconnecting your from your reality, making you dreaming, traveling through a different world whether it is a virtual or unknown one, just for few drops of time?
Well, other people like it too!
Putting on screen out of the box images or virtual universe will catch the audience attention and make your brand memorable.


Tell a story

Big brands love to tell stories to their audience, because as simple as it looks, people like to watch stories. Some of them even refer to famous actresses and actors from Hollywood to be part of a short films. This brands the add to an entire level of creativity, where telling unconventional story will be more powerful than developing a ‘buy now’ strategy. 


Share your knowledge

The interesting aspect of mini documentary video is that it doesn’t look like an add. You will give your audience a short film to gain information about your product, and more globally, to learn about the process. You will position your brand as ‘the one who knows’ and more relevant in todays shared economy, ‘the one who shares his knowledge.


While the traditional advertising strategy is about being product orientated, today it is about building up an image about a brand: tell a story, share your knowledge and inspire people.
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