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Want to value your brand?

The majority of people, prior to buy a product, will check online reviews and social media strategy of a brand to build an opinion. So keeping in mind to stay authentic above all, you may decide to produce series of videos such as interviews, testimonials, mini documentary, all to serve the goal of sharing a short story.InterviewsHaving interviews of key persons in charge of your business will give a valuable base for your brand, having interviews of the team you work with will provide authenticity to your audience. It is a strategy to demonstrate that the values you put into your brand are developed and shared with your team. For this type of short films in your communication, the public will be inclined to trust your brand and you will gain confidence from people.TestimonialsNothing will be better than having video testimonials from your clients and customers on your website. If yesterday the same was true with writing content, nowadays more than ever, having short videos about it, is the fastest way to share positivism with your audience. Keep it short! Nobody likes, when looking for references, to watch long videos with unknown people speaking to them; the goal of this type of videos is about sharing great comments about your services in a glance.


Mini Documentary

Well, for this type of videos, the 2 above ones represents elements which could be incorporated in it. Further this, the interesting aspect of documentary style videos, is about not looking like an add. Your will give to your audience a short film to learn about your product, and more generally to learn about a process. Whether it is to speak about cooking, process of sustainable clothes, cut stone for jewelery, etc. a mini-documentary will position your brand as a ‘the one who knows’ and more relevant in todays shared economy, ‘the one who shares his knowledge.


Well, here we are: to value your brand, be authentic and share knowledge with your audience.

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