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If there isn’t a ready made formula for successful video, here are 4 key notions that are worth to keep in mind when producing it.


Be visual

For the majority of people, visual is more powerful than words, specially today as with our multiple devices, we have access to content all along our day. Whether it is for understanding your product, having a glance to a place or a service, or expressing several values through strong aesthetic your audience will be faster attracted watching a video, rather than reading a text.

When discovering something new, sight is often the first sense to be triggered: so, be eye catching!


Keep it simple

If you are familiar with your subject when deciding to make a video, consider how familiar is your audience with what you want to say, and how long or how fast people can get your message. To maximise an impact, better to be simple and straight forward!  Today it is strategically more interesting to build up series of short videos with single message for each, also considering this strategy can become the base for content marketing, through which you will gain visibility and regular feeding with your audience. 

Keep one idea per video and your audience will catch it, remember it and luckily share it!


Have a style

There is variety of ways to pass a message and choosing a relevant one will impact the way people will perceive your company and spirit. A spa will have different style than night club, fashion brand or hotel. Therefore it is important, prior to start a video, to brainstorm with the production company you choose, making sure to be on the same page about ideas and style.

Body language remains longer than words, and similar it is with video: style is an attitude.


Tell a story

While aesthetic and concept are a keys to catch attention in a glance, telling a story will keep your audience on and make people want to watch more. Therefore they will come back, watch the video again and… share it. The power of storytelling is fully part of branding and big names understood it so well, that they strategically enhance much more marketing and public relation rather than their own product or services.

People like to watch stories, and stunning videos are a balanced mix of entertainment, expertise and art.


Strong visual, simplicity and style, no doubt your audience will connect with the story you tell them.

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