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The Endless Diversity of Videos

Video became the centre of communication strategy and the field of videos is… infinite!

The Corporate Video
Your business gathers different activities or brands, then the corporate video is the right one for sharing a global vision and mission about your overall activity. It is potentially the first contact with your future clients and or partners. It gives the core values of your business, the attitude of your company together with its aesthetic. Now that video is common, the corporate video is a must.

The Brand Video
Sister of the corporate video, the brand video is ‘same, same but different’. While the corporate video is at a global level of business, the brand video will be closer to the detail of your business, more focus on its specificity. For example, for a group of restaurants, the corporate video will speak about the group, giving a glance of each restaurant in a short manner. The brand video will thenl be dedicated on specific restaurant, with more details about the atmosphere of the place, the specificity of the food, the architecture, etc.

The Content Video
More and more common these days, the content video is blooming here and there. It is an ‘easy’ way to take the train of the video with little financial investment. The content video is about establishing a dialogue with your audience; most of the time the equipment is very little and there is only one person speaking in front of the camera for sharing knowledge about specific topic. The content video is short, shared on a blog or by newsletter, and with a more less regular publishing pattern, meaning you will produce series of content videos .

The Training Video
If your business requires specific way to sell a product, or to serve clients, or to respond phone call, or to guide customers and so on, then the training video is the one to simplify the training of your staff. This is a simple and attractive way to train your team in the way you wish, ensuring each of your employees have similar base to act in your activity, saving you time, meaning money.

The Event Video
To celebrate a special day, whether it is Christmas, New Year, the anniversary of your company, a festival or an art fair, organising an event for your team, your partners, your clients, is a great moment to thank people for being part of your business adventure. Producing a video from the event represent the lasting memory of the celebration together with being a pleasant communication to share, as it speaks about spending interesting time with valuable people, through your activity.

The Crowdfunding Video
An increasing number of projects are now launched from crowdfunding platforms, inviting the community to participate in the initial required investment. Internet is a powerful way for this strategy as it will ease the sharing experience and having a video to explain your project is a key to success. No other support will be as efficient to explain your project, provide its specificity and advantages, putting it in situation, sharing your vision and all in one go!

The Fundraising Video
With a similar intent as the crowdfunding video in the way to invite collective fund from the community, the fundraising video is more dedicated to charity and NGO. Here, the video serves to share with your audience who benefit from your activity, where goes the collected fund, what is the mission of your organisation, how the community can help; all of this with one goal: raising fund to support your action.

The Hiring Video
You have a company, your business is going well and you need to hire employees, and more important: good employees. Making a video including managers, HR, key persons of the company, together with images of your office, will give an idea to the candidates about what kind of company they will work in and, saying this, will inevitably make a first selection in people who will watch the video and decide to apply for the job.

The Pitching Video
You have a great project in mind and you need to share it with your audience, to explain it, to detail it, to make people believe in your idea! Well, here again, producing a video will catch the attention of your audience, sharing a great amount of information in a minimum of time. This is a perfect tool when you do conference or lecture, starting with a pitching video quickly bring your audience right into your topic.

The Property Video
The real estate industry is fast moving lately, specially in Hong Kong, and Internet keeps shaping the relationship between the owner, the estate agency and the client. More platforms now offer to the client the possibility to check places through photographs, prior to take appointment with agency for visiting a property. With a short film in one go, not cut, you give to the clients the sense he is visiting the place from his sofa. Quite new on the market, this tool will go viral soon

Here is a short list of some videos for your business. Next step: produce viral video! 

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