October 21, 2018 Yorgos Venios


Our film Singularity is the Winner in its category at the Mosaic World Film Festival.

The Mosaic World Film Festival was started with the main goal to create an event where talented artists could express themselves creatively, by giving them the tools to succeed in it. Filmmakers from all around the world started participating with unique artwork and their dream to affect their community became reality. Since 2010, the Mosaic Film Foundation has been organizing the Mosaic World Film Festival, awarding films that cannot be seen in commercial theatres and cinemas.
Awarded September of 2018, in USA Rockford.
Best film of Experimental category 
Singularity Film
During the era of technological singularity, machine learning algorithms will seek to learn from our data with exponential speed.
A short experimental film and attempt to visualise the POV of a future artificial intelligence agent and its prime encounter with our world, its linear experience and the rapid absorption of all available information.
Watch the film here:

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