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Finally, sky is not the limit.

Sure enough you heard about the drone industry the last year, if not before.
Originally called unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a drone is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard, meaning is piloted through a remote control and from a distance.

Interesting toy for production company
If this type of technology has been used for few years in war zone during conflict, it is quite a new toy in the recreational industry and an interesting process in the commercial production industry. What better tool for video and photography production house than having a drone allowing them to shoot aerial images about everywhere, with a minimum of investment?!

Affordable technology
While in the past this type of footage from the sky was requiring to have an helicopter, with a substantial budget to cover expenses related to such expedition, today anyone can own a drone with an investment range from some thousands to some hundreds of thousands Hong Kong dollars. Price varies according to the power of the machine, its ability to carry light to heavy camera, its time autonomy and distance.

Which kind of business can take advantage of it?
From marketing point of view: all types of business willing to communicate with visual content. Hospitality places, shipping companies, factories, tourism activity… Activities where having views from outside is important, which is true, but there are so many more. Thus if your activity is not drone friendly at a first glance, having aerial footage of the overall context, the city where the headquarter is located and, or, where the activities is orientated to, can make your visual communication only stronger.
It will catch the attention of your audience because aerial footage refers to one of the oldest human dream: flying, meaning watching from above.
Finally, sky is no more the limit! 

Aerial video blows people’s mind up as drone technology is quite recent, now affordable and creates contemplation as if we were flying.

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