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Sharing possibilities of your new corporate video

Now that video became the most shared media in the world and is considered as the center of marketing strategy, some people may still wonder if corporate video is a must, where they could use it.

It is all about the communication with your audience, specially in Hong Kong where time is so precious that people often look for using it efficiently.
You can use text and photographs, as usual, or be more innovative and take the plunge to produce a corporate video which will, in one go, tell the story of your activity and narrate your values.

Well, OK, you made it, your corporate video is amazing but… Where can you share it?

Social Media Platforms
While social media were originally considered for entertainment only, it is now one of the first place where you can meet your audience, regardless of the level you target. Whether you have an Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, etc. pages, having a video on your social media account will attract more people to visit and explore it.

To make it short: if photographs were a must on a website till now, the video is taking precedence bit by bit. Corporate video is becoming the number one of the video to have on a business website as it shapes identity of your brand.
Furthermore it will participate to promote your website on Google, and other searching engine, as being part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

Newsletters get more attention when there is a link to watch a video in it, any statistic about the subject will confirm this. What better start than sharing your values with your audience through a video telling the story of your business? 

Screens are popping up more and more around us, and having one or many during an event is now common. This represents perfect places to share your corporate video with your guests, whether they are your customers, partners or investors.

Combining the 2 above items, sharing your corporate video by e-mail for inviting people to an event will make your video a great trailer introducing your activity. Your email has better chance to catch the attention of your audience because of the video in it and your audience will also understand your activity and values in a glance.

HR Presentation
Whether you are looking to hire new employees whether you already hired new employees and want to introduce them to the culture of your company, the corporate video outlines the core values and orientation of your company.


If these are the main places for sharing corporate videos, your impact can be increased by having different types of videos such as a pitch for a important project, a training for new workers teaching them how to sell your product, a common memory after an event, a mini documentary about the company success for the past year… 

Videos are all about your story, the narration of your values.

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