Copywriting and its Impact on Film

The power to make a movie to stand out or to dilute it

Filming, vision, artistic direction and original approach are undoubtedly very strong elements for producing a memorable film. All these elements represent the foundation for developing a big idea and visualizing it. Nevertheless there is another important component, for which we unfortunately do not always pay enough attention, which is nothing less than the narration.  Where there is a qualitative discrepancy between narrative and visual stimuli on a film, the audience’s interest is gradually diminished, until it reaches the point of absolute indifference. On the other hand, an extraordinary narrative has the power, through the recording, to create more intense feelings for the viewer, and in combination with the image, to be able to make the entire film taking off.

Awesome Writer Characteristics

Experience in Film Production

It is undoubtedly one of the most important elements. When the copywriter has experience in the film production, he is given the opportunity to have a better view of how the script structure and process should be, whether the goal is to go with conventional or out of the box way of thinking. The result will then be more complete.

Feeling the Pace

It is an essential element that makes one copywriter to be different from the other. The perception of following the steps in the right order, to find out when he will speak quickly or more slowly, with emotion or without, all of this will impact the pace of the video. A smooth evolution emerging along the story, will make the film to stand out in the audience’s eyes, without people consciously realises it.

Improve Interesting Elements and Hide Weaknesses

In a visual story, there are plans working better than others, ideas with more interesting points than others, elements that are stronger than others. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the material someone has in hands to write, will not be perfect at all points. It is extremely important for a copywriter, to understand what points are significant and decisive, together with having the potential to even better enhance these elements, by writing a copywriting that will take them off. Equally essential is the opposite; weaknesses or defaults of material he has in hands, should be carefully manipulated and wisely adjusted, thus giving a chance to the audience to avoid focusing on it, keeping the interest on, all along the short film.

Upgrade the Film through an Amazing Script

Not often, watching a short video, the copywriting takes over the visuals, making the audience to be moved, but what a great mix when it happens! The words, whether written or narrated, speak directly to the heart of the viewer, and the induced emotion is so direct and powerful, it produces overwhelming. An interesting copywriter should have this knowledge and strength, to structure extraordinary scenarios having a beginning, middle and end – these would be so great, that ultimately they upgrade the film, only by their presence.

Tell a Story as Prototype

Nowadays with freedom of expression and information coming from an infinity of sources, similar ideas are spread here and there, and the originality stands more in the way it is presented rather than in the idea itself. Saying this, what distinguishes a good copywriter, is to have the ability to develop an already known subject in such a way, that it is ultimately a prototype in its category. The approach and how the script is structured then gives the chance to tell an old story, in a new-fashion way, making it standing out, eventually catching the audience attention.

Unique Way of Writing

Distinguishing someone by his style and uniqueness, in relation to the rest, is ideal when working with a copywriter, as this rare quality characterises the narration making it unique. While it may take some time to encounter such a person, the tremendous value will make your movie standing out from the crowd undoubtedly.

Writing with Clarity Brings Focus on Subject

Have you ever listen narratives that at some point you felt you are losing the point, or how the subject is enlarged makes you loose the meaning of what you are hearing? Of course you have, and the reason why it happens, is because the writer could not be up the circumstances. He did not focus enough on the subject he mentioned, his references were too confused and vague, making you lose your interest. Clarity and originality in expressing ideas, keeps the audience’s interest till the very end of a movie.

If there is something we should always keep in mind, is that writing a script is just as important as filming and producing a video. This is the reason why investing in a collaborator who is aligned with your needs and vision, able to develop in parallel of the film the copywriting will make it standing out . A moderate writer will at best lead to an indifferent outcome, if not diluting your video in the mass; while an expert author will upgrade your movie, making special and unforgettable!


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