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Branding Films vs. Selling

Future Brand image vs Present Balanced Sheets

When looking for communicating through videos, the choice comes to two key approaches: Branding or Selling. We will choose Branding strategy, if the goal is about developing a product or the company image, while Selling approach is established to sell aggressively a product. These two methods could alternatively be called future or present respectively, and it does not mean there is a difference in their qualitative characteristics. The choice needs to be based on a clear business strategy, for having the expected result.

Branding Connection

  • This approach is more storytelling orientated, for touching public’s feeling, having the ultimate goal of ensuring the company’s good image in the long run.
  • When producing a movie with such emotional connection, it is the best communication long term investment for a company, as the video becomes part of a longer visual story.
  • By choosing branding commercials, a company does not only work for making its product appealing, it also extends the company attraction, as a campaign becomes part of a bigger approach.

Selling Communication

  • If you want your product to become directly known, building up your audience, for gaining very quickly best possible financial results, this approach will provide quick short term results.
  • To share information and specifications about a product for making your viewers to feel they will make the right choice – it will ensure fast decisions and, by extension, make product development faster.
  • The results  are immediately apparent and should happen in the first few weeks after releasing your visuals, or alternatively within the first few months.
  • This approach is often used for a product campaign.
Basically there is not right or wrong choice – according to specific marketing goal, each choice may be relevant at the period of time it is made. When looking for long-term approach, creating appealing image in the public consciousness, then Branding is the choice to make. On other hand, if seeking product recognition results in a specific audience, with data, whether financial or not, then Selling communication may be more appropriate. 
The risk is more about not knowing what the goal is, or thinking that it will be more profitable to target several aims in one campaign – well, in this case, better to speak with an experimented production house for understanding what best will suit your company!

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