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Digg up your forgotten archive footage, it’s all about the full story.

You recently decided to work on the production of a new corporate video and you realise you already have plenty of archive footage and… Is there anything to do with it?!
Well, far to be useless material, your archive footage will be what will make the difference between your new corporate video and the others. Think about it, having images of you younger, with various ways of framing, different types of colours… Some others would pay for getting ‘old style’ footage to value their business.

Why? because:

1. It highlights the key elements which led you where you are.
We often tend to think that success is something immediate and start from the moment we hear about the achievement of someone. While this could be true for small number of people, many others could tell you that the truth is more complex! The storyboard of success is punctuated of wonderful mistakes, beautiful misleading believes, adventurous tests, fragile great ideas, etc, etc. After some years of experience, you know the key steps of your script and images with grain, spontaneous behaviour, younger faces and some kind of ‘mistakes’ in the filming, will emphasise key aspects of your successful story.  

2. It gives depth and strength to your experience.
Expertise comes through time in addition to commitment, and the longer you develop your activity, the better you are about it. Therefore giving historical frames and footage about your skills and how your business reached the level where it is today, will inevitably deepen and strengthen your activity. When you communicate about your brand, you speak about your values and your goals, therefore to produce trustworthy film, nothing is better than including sequences of past video. 

3. It shares the history of your activity.
Share material about the history of your activity and your story becomes more real, specially in a fast environment of Hong Kong, where the changes of the city and the society are easily visible. Developing relations with partners, investors, customers and guests start by establishing confidence. When you share about your past, you tell the story of your personal and business identities, this is how you gain in authenticity and people will be more inclined to trust you and your business.

4. You get inspiration from an original project
Few years ago, you got what you think was a good idea, but timing was not the right one and you finally ended up by focusing on a more promising concept, which became part of your development. Fortified today by your experience, going through your past footage could be an interested opportunity to get inspired again by a previous project, and look at it from a different angle. If success comes from a balanced mix between great inspiration and right timing, it may be the proper time for you to deepen a former thought.

Tell the story of your activity including archive footage, grained images, old video sequences, together with data, facts and today’s material, and your audience will be willing to trust you: it is all about visualising your full story! 

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