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Today branding approach builds up a brand image by telling a story, inspiring people.

At Visual Suspect, we have seen the birth of internet, how it grew up, changed habits of population and how its never ending evolution impact the economy. We are well aware of the importance of web videos, because as the trend of communicating with short film on internet explodes for the last two years, the way to consume the videos has a fast changing pace and saying so, better to be in the know!

More and more companies quit the printing process of advertising their business to give priority of the web communication. So if having web videos becomes a pilar in the communication strategy, it is interesting to consider several parameters prior to start production of such content:

what will be the support your audience will mainly use for watching your web video: Computer? Tablet? Mobile? Each of these devices has specific requirements, not only technically, but also in the practice of viewers. Yes, your audience will tend to watch longer video on a computer, rather than on a mobile.

On which platform your video will be published: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo? Here also the priorities will varies according to your target. The length of the video can be different, the frequency of publication for a series as well, and saying so, will it be more relevant po produce one main video of series of very short ones?

Where your video will be shared? 

Who is your target audience and how they use internet?

Is it more relevant to have one main video or series of very short ones?

What is the current trend of your industry and how to get out of the noise?

As we are familiar with internet habits, we will produce web videos customized to your company, with specific message, tone, atmosphere, all in a goal concept which you will feel comfortable with.