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Visual Suspect and Affordable Art Fair Partnership

AAF’s 25.000 – 30.000 visitors and our Films.

We are happy and delighted, to share the great news that several of our short films have been selected to be featured as Special Project at the coming Affordable Art Fair HK, next week!
From 16th to 19th of May, at the HK Convention Centre, our video productions about Hong Kong will be screened under the wings of the most upbeat art city scale event of the city.

The Allegory of the Cave,

inspired by the same name work from Plato, till today’s quantum physics and multiverse theories, this is a visual essay about perception and knowledge as a reflection of our reality.


we enter in an era, where visuals are captured all way around, without leaving anything out of sight. This considerably impacts the storytelling approach of filmmakers, and how they share their vision of the reality.


a short experimental film and attempt to visualise the point of view of a future artificial intelligence agent and its prime encounter with our world, its linear experience and the rapid absorption of all available information.

Theory of Relativity,

reflection in photography is one of the most inseparable tools of the creator, disrupting the reality to create his own world. We screen how these reflections work in video and, more interesting, in motion.


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