Shaping the Time

Video Production

Planning Including
the Unexpected

If every films are first ideas, video production usually goes by three steps: pre-production, production, post-production. At Visual Suspect, these levels change scale according to project and crew size, but will always shape the film and we will make sure to have you on board of each journey, for truly being aligned with your vision.
Pre-production includes all organisation which happens prior shooting starts, from the ideas brainstorming to script writing, storyboard, model casting, location recce and selection, schedules, administrative tasks, logistic, etc.  
This is a vital step to elaborate a video, shaping it with clients, going through as many items as possible, ensuring the production will be as smooth as possible.
Production starts and ends with the filming of the video content, and connect all dots elaborated during the pre-production phase. Are involved the shooting crew, the talents or models, the client when they wish to be part of the filming.
Post-production is the phase where the film takes shape, through editing the various clips shot during the production. It also includes polishing of all material making them blending in one strong story, such as sound engineering, colour grading, motion graphics, etc.
Each level of video production has its own importance and if something looks easy to minimise, we know by experience it is better to still take time to plan in advance, maximising the time use for the next step, and living some space for managing the unexpected. As Benjamin Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”