Moving stills


Scene by Scene

When coming to the idea of producing a video for your company, several well-known tools are relevant for gaining understanding on your project and we are here, at Visual Suspect, to make it easy and efficient to assist you. A video having a script as a base and a selection of actors for performing, means there is a good start for everything being under control. The plot, the script, the characters, the environment and the colours are some of the elements the creative director and the production team have to develop, and all of these will be implemented in the Storyboard. 
Storyboard is basically the blueprint of the film, which means it is a frame by frame visualisation of the final video. At this stage of production, it gives the opportunity to the client and the production company to have a glance on the overall vision for the film, allowing each one to mentally pictures the video to come. If the stage of the storyboard seems to be a process delaying the beginning of the film production, it is actually a fundamental step which should not be avoided, as it will make gaining precious time at a later level, leaving space for being more efficient and creative.

Easier process

It is sometimes challenging for people to mentally visualise things, this is the reason why storyboard takes all its meaning, as it shows intended filmed images, winning clarity in coordination.

Accurate Communication

Storyboard being mainly made of images, it represents a more precise way to communicate a story, compare with telling it with words. Furthermore it allows to directly provide information about chosen angles of shooting, colours of scenes, aesthetic of sequences, etc.

Efficient Production & Post-Production

As from the storyboard, there is series of agreed scenes to shoot, then the production will be quicker, together with post-production stage, as what has been agreed on storyboard will be be straightly filmed and edited.

Storyboard represents a great tool, at the pre-production level, for aligning client and production company to be on the same page prior going shooting, as it highlights frame after frame, what the video will be.