Powerful social media videos are the one becoming shareable, not to say viral. If this is your goal, you need to answer simple question: why your audience will share the video. To get information about this, have a look to your social media and understand your audience, what they speak about, what they share, what matters to them, etc.

Today social media platforms are a must in the marketing strategy if not the centre of it, and video became the most attractive media for engagement with audience, before text, photos and other link updates. At Visual Suspect, social media being one of the base of our production, we are quite well experienced about successfull recipes. The size of the company doesn’t matter that much when it comes to this type of videos, big and small companies use variety of social media platforms for promoting their activity, gaining in visibility and establishing relation with their audience. This is even more true if your activity is oriented to young generation of millenium as they now spent less time in front of TV, when they still have one, rather than on their mobile phone and laptop watching videos!

If there are great variety of platforms, each of them has its own specificities and therefore social media videos need to be optimized for various channels; Video on TripAdvisor won’t necessarily be similar to Facebook or Instagram videos and so on. You can choose to ignore it, but chances are big that your competitors already taking advantage of these tools.

However they some common successful aspects leading to be shareable:

► Feel emotions: video which your audience connect to will lead to be shared and emotions is one of the key element. You need to speak to the heart of your people, whether it is with serious subject or funny one: people share because they feel connected, because they watch something they identify themselves.

► Make it short: how long do you last watching a video on your mobile? Well, videos being widely spread all around us, audience have less patience to watch video for long time, specially on mobile and laptop. If simplicity is a key for passing a message, make it short is the master key for reaching your goal straight to the point.

► Start strong: for similar reason than above described, hooking the audience in the first 15 to 30 seconds of your short film will encourage your audience to watch the short film till the end, feel connected and share your video.

Well, whether you want to start a conversation, raise awareness, inspire people, social media videos is a master piece in communication giving you to speak to the entire world, sharing your vision with others who care about something they want to share, with passion.



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