A film for YesAsia



We had the opportunity to produce video content for YesAsia and Geek+. The project is a branding film illustrating their collaboration. Geek+ is one of the world leaders in warehouse automation, while YesAsia.com is a Hong Kong based retail company covering the Asia Pacific region.



For the opening scene, our team utilised high-end equipment such as top-of-the-line cameras and lighting to capture the perfect shot in a studio setting. With careful attention to detail and the right selection of angles, we created a sense of urgency and engagement while still ensuring the online ordering process was clear to the viewer.

In post-production, we employed fast-paced editing techniques to emphasise the brand of speed, which is a critical component of the video’s branding. Additionally, we ensured that the colour grading and visual effects aligned with the overall aesthetic of the video, creating a cohesive and captivating visual experience.

Close-ups on camera


Our team conducted a product shoot for the YesAsia project, focusing on macro shots of cosmetics available for online purchase. Careful attention was paid to lighting and different setups to capture the intricate details of each product, resulting in visually stunning footage that showcases the quality of the products available through YesAsia.

Through the use of expert techniques in cinematography and lighting, we were able to capture each product in a way that highlights its unique characteristics and qualities. This footage serves as a powerful tool for showcasing the quality of the products available through YesAsia, allowing viewers to get a closer look at each item and make their purchasing decisions with confidence.

Overall, the product shoot was a critical component of the project, providing an essential visual element that reinforces the quality and diversity of the products available through YesAsia. The final footage is a testament to the precision and care with which our team approaches every aspect of the filmmaking process, resulting in a compelling visual story that captures the essence of the brand and its commitment to quality.



The scene opens with the Geek+ robots scanning and processing products, emphasising their precision and speed through careful camera work. Our team captured footage at various locations to showcase the entire process, which was then polished to perfection through creative editing and expert colour grading. The final result highlights the speed and efficiency of the Geek+ automation technology, immersing viewers in the world of YesAsia and its advanced facilities.



The final shot of the project showcases the model, expertly made up and lit in cyberpunk style, adding a dynamic visual element to the narrative of the project. The importance of the photography direction cannot be overstated in the creation of these shots. The production team worked to ensure that every detail was perfectly executed, from the placement of the model in the frame to the composition and lighting of the shot. The result is a powerful visual representation of the human side of the online ordering process, underscoring how advanced technology makes life easier and more convenient for people worldwide.

Cyberpunk lighting, the final shot adds a layer of depth and complexity to the project’s visual storytelling, showcasing the model in a futuristic, dynamic way that resonates with viewers.


What is Visual Suspect?

It is a multi-awarded company, with global experience, with strong interest in technology.

What is the process?

There are three steps to make a video: pre-production, production, and post-production. In essence, each step is crucial. Pre-production includes a site visit, concept development, and shooting list, together with paperwork and casting. Production is about filming, from conventional to aerial, exterior to interior, with or without talents, and sometimes uses specialized equipment such as zipline or remote-controlled cars. Post-production is about bringing all elements together in seamless manners to make a unique video coming to life.

What is the budget?

There are many elements impacting a budget, including the number of filming locations, the amount of shooting days, production timeframe, loading, etc. Whether you share the range, you are comfortable spending on production, or you ask the production house to provide you a quote, this subject should come early in the conversation, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Where is Visual Suspect based?

Visual Suspect has been founded and is based in Hong Kong.

How long does it take?

From several days until several months, the overall timeframe can significantly vary. The components impacting the duration are the time allocated to the pre-production, and make sure to plan enough time for this stage, as it represents the foundation of the final video. Then during the production, the shooting duration will mainly depend on the number of locations and countries. And finally, about the post-production, while the first cut generally comes in a short time after the end of the shooting, the revision process will be decisive.

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