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Being one of the leading property and real estate developers in Hong Kong, Sino Group commissioned Visual Suspect for their Corporate Video production.
From understanding this prominent developer to visiting their properties, proposing a concept, elaborating a narration, and arranging the filming until delivering the video’s final cut, we managed the entire workflow from scratch till finishing this corporate video production.


We arranged the video shooting for their most important properties: residential developments, hospitality places, retail malls, and industrial buildings with a wide spectrum of choices in size and locations.
From there, we established the most relevant shooting style, whether it was aerial filming, a conventional shooting, with or without talents, etc.
Furthermore, we offered the flexibility to shoot only on sunny days, ensuring to screen the properties at their best. The filming period lasted longer than usual, but for good, as every single shot we made was done in perfect conditions.


Further the conventional filming, we arranged a series of timelapses and hyperlapses, enhancing the beauty of natural light on architecture by filming the shadows and brightness.
It also allows filming public spaces with people without individually featuring them, putting on-screen natural daily life visits.



Watching properties from an aerial viewpoint gives the global image of a size and organization. It also emphasizes prestige because of the locations or the connection with the surroundings.

With our in-house certified UAS pilot and our extensive experience with the Civil Aviation Department to coordinate flight permits, we carefully selected a series of properties that will take advantage of this type of filming and aerial production.

The Gold Coast area with the hotel, the retail, and the residential towers stands as an exciting example of the entire development showcased in its entirety because of the aerial filming with our drone. Furthermore, being located along the sea, with a marina of luxury boats and yachts, added the site value.

We managed the aerial filming at Olympian City along the harbor, Mayfair by the Sea at Shatin, or several individual towers located in proximity with rue Victoria harbor with a similar approach.



More than filming with our UAS, we also had the opportunity to make a filming session from a helicopter! This shooting gives an extra dimension to the impact a developer has on a city scale. It provides unusual and dynamic angles that are unexpected in such a video.

Here, the Central Plaza tower is beautified by being shot with a helicopter. While it stands as an iconic building in the city’s skyline, we allowed to rediscover it with original framing.



While filming properties is about enhancing the architectural views and space feelings, we demonstrated the value of adding performing talents to create scenes of this video prodcution

Our talents performed everyday lifestyle scenes, allowing us to give a human touch to space and add a storytelling element to the video.

With this simple choice, a corporate video about a property developer communicates more its impact on the communities, the ultimate goal when developing spaces.

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