Visual Suspect is a global video production based in Hong Kong, with international experience,
especially about projects related to property development video and visual communication.


Filming Properties
in every Continent

Based in Hong Kong with a world wide experience.

Up to 12 Countries

We have traveled in 12 countries for filming a wide range of properties.

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200+ Filmed Spaces

Not every space made the same. We design our productions with only a goal to enhance every detail of the areas. Until today we count more hundreds of spaces globally.

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Added Value

Through our extensive experience, we became familiar with the needs and expectations of developers and property owners. Because of this knowledge, we can develop the critical objectives of the visual communication at the early stages of a project, then deepen each aspect of the production throughout the project. Meanwhile, we take our responsibility in delivering fresh concepts, developing new filming techniques, and writing original narrations.



In parallel with understanding the target audience of visual communication, it is also essential to echo the brand, it’s codes, and its values. The primary ambassadors of a brand are the employees! Then whether your Audience is the general public, or governmental institutions, athletes, or philosophers, or all of them, we make sure to speak to all stakeholders by using relevant components of visual communication.
"Copywriting and Creative Treatment that Speaks to a Wide Range of Audience."

Visual Suspect
Sustainable Development


By developing properties, a developer impacts communities, therefore we research information about people’s lifestyles and habits through a development, whether it is a residential property, a commercial building, or a global construction. By understanding the community, we underline the impact of a property developer, and this is here, one of the primary subjects in visual communication.

Sustainable Development

Being sustainable became mandatory in the majority of places, and there exists an infinity of manners to implement green initiatives. Our role is to highlight this aspect of our clients’ activity by showcasing their specificity in this field. To make our clients unique, we put on screen their work and action.
Numbers behind the Films //

Productions Facts

In numbers, we already shot more than 100 spaces around the world.


Shopping Malls

Up to 5 Locations Filmed


25 Residential Complexes


35+ Hotels filmed Around the World


10+ Factories and Warehouses

Public Spaces

Surroundings in Frame

Office Towers

360 filming of a Highrise Properties
Our Services
  • Strategy, Idea and Concept
  • Advance Filming Technology
  • Video Production and Content
  • Copywriting and Voice Over
  • Social Media & Performance Marketing
Property Developers Tools //

Type of Films

In numbers, we already shot more than 100 spaces around the world.


To speak about the core values of the company, the Corporate Video passes the decisive messages to an audience based on the core values of the company. Often part of a global communication strategy, the Corporate Video also needs to stand out as a single element, as it will be screened, presented, shared, on an extensive series of media and events, for several years.


To present the majority, if not all, the company properties, the Portfolio Video is used to give a glance at the portfolio. Highlighting the quantity, quality, years of the work, there is a sense of description, to celebrate the development and achievement of a company.


To inform about the company performance, the Yearly Highlight Video is based on a series of numbers and therefore is data-driven. Achievements, essential dates, milestones, significant events, metrics, etc. Titles on screen will carry this information, supported by visuals.


We Film Buildings

In numbers, we already shot more than 100 spaces around the world.

We have filmed from residential and shopping malls to Office Towers.

Fonts / Typography


By filming surroundings, we connect a property to its context. Whether it is to underline uniqueness or to highlight integration, with surroundings shots, we extend the impact of a transformation, beyond a property.

Color Palette
Fonts / Typography


With interior clips, we give a sense of coziness to a flat; we highlight a breathtaking view, we emphasize teamwork, we draw attention to the success of a place through the flow of people.

Color Palette
Fonts / Typography


Shot with a wide-angle lens, we film this type of shot to give a global view on a property. It emphasizes the size, and doing so can celebrate an achievement for a company.

Color Palette
Visual Suspect FAQ //

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Video Productions.

What is Visual Suspect?

It is a multi-awarded video production company global experience in Properties films.

What is Visual Suspect?

It is a multi-awarded video production company global experience in Properties films.

What is the process

There are three steps to make a video: pre-production, production, and post-production. In essence, each step is crucial. Pre-production includes a site visit, concept development, and shooting list, together with paperwork and casting. Production is about filming, from conventional to aerial, exterior to interior, with or without talents, and sometimes uses specialized equipment such as zipline or remote-controlled cars. Post-production is about bringing all elements together in seamless manners to make a unique video coming to life.

What is the budget?

There are many elements impacting a budget, including the number of filming locations, the amount of shooting days, production timeframe, loading, etc. Whether you share the range, you are comfortable spending on production, or you ask the production house to provide you a quote, this subject should come early in the conversation, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Where is Visual Suspect based?

Visual Suspect was founded in Hong Kong.

How long does it take?

From several days until several months, the overall timeframe can significantly vary. The components impacting the duration are the time allocated to the pre-production, and make sure to plan enough time for this stage, as it represents the foundation of the final video. Then during the production, the shooting duration will mainly depend on the number of locations and countries. And finally, about the post-production, while the first cut generally comes in a short time after the end of the shooting, the revision process will be decisive.

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