Visual Suspect in International Festivals

The film is based on real images. We focus only on public spaces as, until recently, this part of our social environment remained unchanged. Until yesterday, the roads were there to remind us that we are part of an extended social group, that there are other realities out there, beyond those we believe in and those we are comfortable with. In the same way, the streets were there to dilute ourselves into the social ‘we’. Yet today, we see a large proportion of people walking around isolated, and disconnected, from the reality surrounding them.

The messaging. The infinite social media scrolling. People are multitasking between games and the stock market, watching movies whilst skipping continuously 15 seconds ahead – all of this while even crossing the street.


Color Palette


Important milestones and festivals, for the team and film.

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival
One of the top100 reviewed film festivals out of 8,000 on Film Freeway. The festival is also a BAFTA Cymru/Wales qualifying, which means that any film screened during the festival and made in Wales is eligible to apply to be considered for a BAFTA Cymru award.
Brussels Independent Film Festival
EST. 1974
The festival opened its wings in 1974. Initially, it focused on super-8 films and other technical experimental cinematic styles, but later it began to pay attention to highly experimental pieces from many different types of independent creators. The end of the festival came in 2012. In those 38 years, it had the honor to host personalities such as Pedro Almodóvar, François Ozon and Nanni Moretti.
International festival of Santa Fe
Pandemia, this year, played in the international festival of Santa Fe, in the United States. This news is significant for our team, once the festival has been dubbed “a young Sundance”, by Indiwire Magazine. Moreover, the film has been played and awarded by the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival and Asian Cinematography Awards!


  • Doc. Berlin Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • Adirondack Film Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • Atlanta Shortfest Film Festival 2020 | Award Winner
  • NHdocs: the new Haven Documentary Film Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • 10th annual Arlington Int'l Film Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • Boston Short Film Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • American Documentary And Animation Film Festival and Film Fund 2020 | Official Selection
  • Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer 2020 | Official Selection
  • Ramsgate International Film TV Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • No words International Film Festival 2020 | Winner
  • Brussels Independent Film Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • CBFF Film Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • International Alexandria Film Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2020 | Official Selection
  • 8o Firenze FilmCorti International Festival 2020 | Finalist
  • Buenos Aires International Film Festival 2020 | Semi Finalist
  • Indie Originals Festival 2019| Winner
  • DOC LA. Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival 2019 | Winner
  • Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2019 | Winner
  • Asian Cinematography Awards 2019 | Winner
  • Short to the ISFF AWARDS 2019 | Finalist
  • Barcelona Planet film Festival 2019 | Official Selection
  • London Super Shorts Film Festival 2019 | Official Selection
  • VAEFF 2019 | Official Selection
  • Santa Fe International Film Festival 2019 | Official Selection
  • Lift-Off Global Network – Tokyo 2019 | Official Selection
  • Indie Short Fest Film Festival 2019 | Official Selection

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