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Our video has been published on bbc.com for the World Green Building Council and Swire Properties.


Published on BBC.COM for WGBC

We have been commissioned to produce a short film to be published on BBC.COM. BBC StoryWorks supervised the production, and the World Green Building Council is the final project client. This branded content is about Swire Properties and One Taikoo Place development.


A corporate district

This short video story takes place at One Taikoo Place. There, Swire Properties created a new building with a sustainable mindset. One of this film’s elements is about exploring the district while understanding the office tower’s underlined technology. All the protagonists live and work in modern and user-friendly environments. While watching spaces, technology, and design, we learn about the insights through the interviews of people involved in this development or using these places. The video composition has a target audience of WGBC.

Scenes about High-end Design and Architecture

Cinematic Filming

At the production start, we identified all the locations we wanted to film for this short doc. We considered the aerial angles for filming, avoiding public encroachment and complying with Civil Aviation Department regulations, together with blocking spaces and finding the relevant timeslot for having enough room for the filming crew to have all of the listed shots.
Orignal and Away from Copywriter Cliches

Character Driven

The main idea of the film is about watching the key character using the space, with the story built around this protagonist.

Unscripted and Away from Copywriter Cliches


People are spontaneously speaking, with unscripted words, staying away from the industry cliches. During the two management interviews, we see the value of avoiding scripting replies in advance, having interviewees naturally behaving, and giving authenticity to the video.

Interviews Supported by Archive Materials

Overseas Footage

An essential scene of the video relates to the interviewees speaking about company expansion. To visualize this element of the story, we accessed and re-used material we filmed in the past for Swire Properties. This is an essential element once it requires seamless integration of archive material; otherwise, it will feel like stock-footage or jeopardize the film’s quality.


Swire Properties and People


People are spontaneously speaking, with unscripted words, staying away from the industry cliches. During the two management interviews, we see the value of avoiding scripting replies in advance, having interviewees naturally behaving, and giving authenticity to the video.



We produced this video for the World Green Building Council, and one of the key aspects of the story stands in sustainable design and places made for people with healthy lives. Once we understood the message to tell in the story, we visited the district to list the various shots we wanted, identifying relevant angles, and framing. We then arranged the shooting with conventional and aerial filming and led protagonists interviews for telling the story.



We aimed to screen the design and architecture of places, underlining the sustainable approach and green features as part of the development. During the shooting, there were several construction areas, leading our filming crew to have the camera focus on specific elements and spaces only.


Concept Development

The BBC StoryWorks had main creative leadership on the project, did the prep work, and commissioned Visual Suspect to execute their brief.
They also oversee the postproduction process.


Site Visits

It's all about getting familiar with the story and spaces, before the shooting day and production of this video.



Long shooting days with Film Director, Producer, and Visual Suspect Crew on location.


Film Editing

The very first play of this new piece. The hours of pre-production, production, and post-production finally on screen.



Polishing every details

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What is Visual Suspect?

It is a multi-awarded company, with global experience, with strong interest in technology.

What is the process?

There are three steps to make a video: pre-production, production, and post-production. In essence, each step is crucial. Pre-production includes a site visit, concept development, and shooting list, together with paperwork and casting. Production is about filming, from conventional to aerial, exterior to interior, with or without talents, and sometimes uses specialized equipment such as zipline or remote-controlled cars. Post-production is about bringing all elements together in seamless manners to make a unique video coming to life.

What is the budget?

There are many elements impacting a budget, including the number of filming locations, the amount of shooting days, production timeframe, loading, etc. Whether you share the range, you are comfortable spending on production, or you ask the production house to provide you a quote, this subject should come early in the conversation, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Where is Visual Suspect based?

Visual Suspect has been founded and is based in Hong Kong.

How long does it take?

From several days until several months, the overall timeframe can significantly vary. The components impacting the duration are the time allocated to the pre-production, and make sure to plan enough time for this stage, as it represents the foundation of the final video. Then during the production, the shooting duration will mainly depend on the number of locations and countries. And finally, about the post-production, while the first cut generally comes in a short time after the end of the shooting, the revision process will be decisive.

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