Parallel Stories in Parallel Places

Our video has been produced for Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong



The film runs a couple of stories in parallel between the two renewed spaces of the Mandarin Oriental. Therefore the story is similar in both places, featuring the interior design, people experiencing the venues, the chefs cooking in the kitchen, together with a highlight on some of the signature dishes.
Producing the video, we focused on filming places with similar angles, while directing the talents and staff to move in similar directions and motion in both venues, having the split-screen result in mind all along.



We started with a detailed storyboard to produce such a split-screen video, showcasing each scene to film. More than usual, this step was essential, as we needed full control of space, character, and camera angle.

Man Wah


As a premium venue forever in Hong Kong, we had to carefully feature and celebrate Man Wah restaurant’s renovation, well know by connoisseurs in Hong Kong. We paid particular attention to the architectural details of the place in the framing, pace of movement for the talents and staff, foreground subject, background particularities, and color grading during the post-production, emphasizing the place’s look and feel. Producing a video for such a place was an honor and a challenge we appreciate honoring all along with this filming project.



It was essential to consider having two dramatically different aesthetics for each venue, making the audience identify The Aubrey and Man Wah restaurant clearly in a glance. While the stories run in parallel, with similar action, the distinction is first the architecture, then having different groups of people, three women friends at Man Wah, and one couple in The Aubrey. It was slightly more challenging in the kitchen, once these places and the staff uniform are more similar; nevertheless, the type of dishes and cooking style made all the difference.

Chefs in Action


Filming in the Mandarin Oriental kitchen restaurants, we had to ensure to celebrate these places, usually unseen from the public and customers. The site visit in each establishment was crucial to estimate the distance with the subject, knowing that space is limited. Once on set, we composed each scene with ingredients, kitchen tools, and a series of plates and bowls offering various textures and colors. Then, once the setup was ready, we coordinated each movement with the chefs and their team, keeping in mind the split-screen video technic, therefore guiding each one in connection with the other venue’s action.


Concept Development

The BBC StoryWorks had main creative leadership on the project, did the prep work, and commissioned Visual Suspect to execute their brief.
They also oversee the postproduction process.


Site Visits

It's all about getting familiar with the story and spaces, before the shooting day and production of this video.



Long shooting days with Film Director, Producer, and Visual Suspect Crew on location.


Film Editing

The very first play of this new piece. The hours of pre-production, production, and post-production finally on screen.



Polishing every details

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What is Visual Suspect?

It is a multi-awarded company, with global experience, with strong interest in technology.

What is the process?

There are three steps to make a video: pre-production, production, and post-production. In essence, each step is crucial. Pre-production includes a site visit, concept development, and shooting list, together with paperwork and casting. Production is about filming, from conventional to aerial, exterior to interior, with or without talents, and sometimes uses specialized equipment such as zipline or remote-controlled cars. Post-production is about bringing all elements together in seamless manners to make a unique video coming to life.

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From several days until several months, the overall timeframe can significantly vary. The components impacting the duration are the time allocated to the pre-production, and make sure to plan enough time for this stage, as it represents the foundation of the final video. Then during the production, the shooting duration will mainly depend on the number of locations and countries. And finally, about the post-production, while the first cut generally comes in a short time after the end of the shooting, the revision process will be decisive.

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