Honor 20 Series

Branding Film for the Launching Event of Honor

At Visual Suspect, we produced this short video for the new Honor 20 Series. This short film has been created for being screened during the product device’s main launching event in London.

From the start till completion, we used cinematic workflow standard from camera till style of framing and editing.

As the light was a major theme of inspiration for the brand, we placed a series of vast landscapes emphasizing the power of light in nature at the beginning of the video. Then the designer is sketching while the scene is lit with programmed colorful lights.

End-to-end VIDEO PRODUCTION for the new Honor

Ocean Ending Animation

For the last scene, we wanted to create a grand finale view, with phones into the ocean. One of the main goals was to animate a still image, into a 3D environment. The work involved compositing procedures, camera movements, light, and phone texturing. All of this, together with particle generation for the film.

The video animation starts with an extreme close-up shot on the phone, with the water texture being visible. Then at the frame after, the camera starts to move back, for the audience to see a wider shot about the ocean. At the end, the scene is made from compositing of the real ocean video shot, together with CG light rays, to simulate the light entering in the ocean.

Honor Chief Designer Filming

The principal objective of the film was to tell the design story of the new Honor series. We traveled to Shenzhen to meet and film the Chief Designer of Honor, where we had an entire day of filming.

From close-up to wide-angle frames, we shoot using a combination of advanced camera movements, supported by our gimbal. Furthermore, we used pre-programmed colorful lightings, empowering the filming crew, to focus on the right angles and creativity.

Product Filming

It was an excellent opportunity to have in our hands the new devices, prior to the original launching event, for product filming in our studio. We wanted to have true shots of the devices, knowing they will be mixed with CGI sequences.

This product shooting took place at Visual Suspect Studio. First, we fixed the device up to automatic handles, giving us the possibility to move it. Then, later on, we removed the handles from the images, with the object removal process.

We actually filmed a series of repeated shots, allowing us to achieve the optimal visual result. For these shots, we focus on reflections, product details, and 3D holographic visual at the back of the device.

Particle Composition

At the post-production stage, we developed in-house all the motion graphics. We used product shooting footage, composited together with CG particles. One of the main aspirations was to emphasize to the audience, the underline device technology.

The next operation happened because of compositing software, allowing us to generate particles, and finalize the visual effect. At the beginning, the graphic was white, while at the color-graded stage during post-production, we changed it to warmer tones, to contrast with the phone.

Surface Animations

We wanted to visualize the underlying technology, involving 3 different surface layers. For this, we had to create shapes in 3D environment, made out of different colors and appearances, for the audience to visualize the underlying technology.

Once we had the various type of layers, we created camera movements, starting with macro shots of the surface technology, to then enlarge the frame, for the audience to watch the 3 layers, on top one to each other.


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