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CAPS 2.0

Sino Group in Hong Kong has commissioned us to develop an explanative video for an innovative and sustainable bus stop. The product aims to create a clean environment for commuters. Together with the still images, the video is a key visual supporting the communication, on the website, on social media, and during events and conferences worldwide.



A composition of real-life footage, along with overlay motion graphics, visualize the inner working system of this innovative public infrastructure to the audience. The airflow is made of particles combined with tracked footage. This technique allowed our post-production team to give a natural look to the product while giving a clear understanding of the utility and benefits.

Project at glance


The pre-production lasts several weeks to elaborate the storyline, ensuring an easy-to-understand explanation of the product and how it works. The key challenge here was to make accessible a series of scientific facts and technological systems. We also developed the storyboard, selected performing talents, and visited the shooting site.

Framing massive surfaces


One of the filming particularities for the photography direction was the massive size of the 3 meters high structure and the shining aspect of the material. In addition, when lighting up the stage, the filming crew had to keep in mind the upcoming overlay graphics that will later be added.
Also, the filming happened at night, and the entire set was painted in black, emphasizing CAPS 2 with specific lighting.


For this explanative video, the narration starts with a series of main facts about pollution, then gives a reason why CAPS 2 exists and how it works, finishing with the advantages for the commuters, where this cleaning-air bus station has been settled. The goal is to popularise scientific facts and tech systems for the good of everyone.


Concept Development

The BBC StoryWorks had main creative leadership on the project, did the prep work, and commissioned Visual Suspect to execute their brief.
They also oversee the postproduction process.


Site Visits

It's all about getting familiar with the story and spaces, before the shooting day and production of this video.



Long shooting days with Film Director, Producer, and Visual Suspect Crew on location.


Film Editing

The very first play of this new piece. The hours of pre-production, production, and post-production finally on screen.



Polishing every details

Visual Suspect FAQ //

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Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Video Productions.

What is Visual Suspect?

It is a multi-awarded company, with global experience, with strong interest in technology.

What is the process?

There are three steps to make a video: pre-production, production, and post-production. In essence, each step is crucial. Pre-production includes a site visit, concept development, and shooting list, together with paperwork and casting. Production is about filming, from conventional to aerial, exterior to interior, with or without talents, and sometimes uses specialized equipment such as zipline or remote-controlled cars. Post-production is about bringing all elements together in seamless manners to make a unique video coming to life.

What is the budget?

There are many elements impacting a budget, including the number of filming locations, the amount of shooting days, production timeframe, loading, etc. Whether you share the range, you are comfortable spending on production, or you ask the production house to provide you a quote, this subject should come early in the conversation, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Where is Visual Suspect based?

Visual Suspect has been founded and is based in Hong Kong.

How long does it take?

From several days until several months, the overall timeframe can significantly vary. The components impacting the duration are the time allocated to the pre-production, and make sure to plan enough time for this stage, as it represents the foundation of the final video. Then during the production, the shooting duration will mainly depend on the number of locations and countries. And finally, about the post-production, while the first cut generally comes in a short time after the end of the shooting, the revision process will be decisive.

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