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People on Screen

As a production house, Visual Suspect understands the value and the power of an image, specifically when it is about a key leader of your company.

“People’s profile on video represents the direct communication of your leader, and as much what he or she says is important, as much is the way he or she expresses it. This is a key element on the communication strategy of your brand, business is aligned with it. We know how to use the art of framing and lighting, color grading and sound mixing, together with adjusting the pace of the video, with the graphics and each other tools we have for producing impactful profile video, in unique and relevant manner, because each person is different and so is people in a company culture.


By putting on screen your key leader, you make the audience focusing on one of the main figure of the company, therefore we will have the best of our people, including our multi awarded creative director, to take care of the entire process, for producing the video. We ensure to find the way to make your profile video unique, powerful and aligned with the spirit of your activity.

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Emmanuel F.

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