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People's Power

An increasing number of projects are launched today from crowdfunding platforms, inviting the community to participate in the initial required investment, and Visual Suspect jumped in the train of making great idea a reality when fund is limited, by producing crowdfunding videos.

Internet is a powerful way for this approach as it will ease the sharing experience and having a video to explain your project is a key to your success. No other support will be as efficient to explain your project, provide its specificity and advantages, putting it in situation, sharing your vision and all in one go!

If making a video for raising fund for a great idea looks smart and and can be fun, producing the right type of video will lead you to achieve your goal, and we don’t have better smile than being part of our client’s success.

Therefore from our experience, here are some tips for making your video the one supporting your project.

Keep it short, about 2 minutes max. People being assailed all day long by ads, and more specifically video on various types of screen, the temptation to zap after few seconds is big, and our brain is also trained today to stay focus a limited and short mount of time. Thus you should be able to pass your message quickly, with a hook, we mean a great punch line, in the first 5 seconds.

Explain your goal by soling a problem, assuming that your product being new on the market, you are here to help your audience and if it makes sense for you, most probably it will make sense for them too.

There is no obligation to have you on screen, however people like to support people much more than an brand or a name. This is up to you, but if you feel comfortable to be on screen, make sure to look good: trim your bear, refresh your hair style, wear nice clothe and have a good night of sleep prior the shooting!

Be clear by asking the support of your audience, explain why you came to this plan, what will be their benefit and make sure to thank you everyone for supporting your project. Politeness and sincerity will always benefit your communication and if some cannot help you by money, they can still share your video and become your free advertiser.

Make it legal and be sure we are here to help on this. Using images, music, brand name and logo is subject to copyrights, yes, including the Apple logo on the laptop in the background of the frame is part of the list. Knowing how it works, you can have a peace of mind with us, we will manage and inform you about this one.
We generally recommend the 60-90 second online video sweetspot. With crowdfunding videos, you can get away with a slightly longer total length (videos tend to range from 2 – 4 minutes in total length) because you have a lot more to cover that isn’t just a list of specific features. Based on industry standards (150 words per minute of video), a 2 – 4 minute video will have a script length of 300 – 600 words.

Well, you need some support for your crowdfunding video? Here we are to be part of your story!

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