Our story

The company was born from a great encounter between Gwendoline and Yiannis Biliris.

Further our common passion, we went to conquer the world during a long trip. From the desert of Atacama till the end of the world in Patagonia, rushing through New York streets or enjoying laziness on sunny terraces of Portugal, the soul of Visual Suspect finds its roots from each of the places we visited.

Run in parallel are our side projects such as being our visual journey through Hong Kong, together with our feature documentary shot in about 35 countries and currently under post-production.


We believe in myths, legends, parallel universes and we see vast roads without deadlocks. Somehow we are convinced that everything is possible and our bag has always surplus of batteries together with unbreakable lens. We are the mediator between Serendipity & Strategy, and our films are spiritual children of both. We create lively videos able to overcome the era of content marketing.

Revealing space, object, person, moment through frames and colors, selecting the right music, playing with the pace of editing: we are story driven.

Our video company is non GMO, neither factory orientated, 100% Organic with low emissions, and our films are crafted from documentation, story and glimpse of advertising. We produce videos having quantum superposition principle in the commercial noise, believing this is the way to value our clients and people lives.